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Here Are Kelly Clarkson's Tips on Avoiding Awkward Holiday Situations

Junie Sihlangu
Dec 22, 2020
08:30 A.M.
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Kelly Clarkson took some time to give her fans advice about experiencing awkward holiday situations during this festive season. She read people’s messages and gave tips on her talk show.


On a recent episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” the host read some of her viewers' most challenging dilemmas with family during the holiday season. Kelly Clarkson tried her best to give advice and useful tips.

She started off by reading a note about a fan who’d used the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease as an excuse to not visit their father’s side of the family for the holidays. However, there was more to the story.

Kelly Clarkson at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards on February 8, 2006, in Los Angeles, California | Photo: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images


The viewer wasn’t planning on staying home for the holidays but wanted to visit their mother’s side of the family because they’re more fun. The fan lied and told their aunt they were staying home instead.

The mistake the viewer made was to add the same aunt into a group chat with her mother’s side of the family! Seeking out Clarkson’s wisdom, the person wanted to know if they were going to hell.


The country musician couldn’t help but start laughing long before she even finished reading the distressed note. She assured the fan that they weren’t going to hell but laughed as she noted they were in trouble.

After taking a moment to laugh heartily at the fan’s demise, Clarkson, 38, got down to the advice. "The Voice" coach told the viewer to never lie but own up to how they feel in that particular situation.


The talk show host also noted how the fan and her family could perhaps become the fun ones instead. She pretty much told the viewer to sit in the hole they had dug up or try and turn the situation around.

The next question was from someone who wanted to ask about politics being mentioned at the dinner table. Clarkson stopped reading and confessed that she wasn’t the best person to ask about the topic.


She felt most people didn’t like the answer she would give. Despite this, she went ahead and shared her views noting how she didn’t appreciate it when people asked her to not talk about big issues.

The star felt 2020’s demise had come about exactly because people didn’t want to address things. She felt avoidance didn’t help much or fix the problem at hand and questioned why people avoided such topics.


Delving deeper into her thoughts, the singer noted how talking could help change someone else’s point of view when they realize they’re wrong. She felt talking allowed people to see different sides of a conversation.

Sharing her own personal experience, she confessed how she and her mother, Jeanne Ann, had different points of view. However, she noted how this wasn’t a problem for them as they both still wanted respect and love.


The host believed that going to school and learning history was all part of gaining knowledge. She added that people had to be who they were and embrace and celebrate their individualism.

The star concluded by noting that change could only happen when people talk about things openly. The next question was a fan wanting to know if the artist thought people preferred homemade gifts or store-bought ones.


The viewer shared how they preferred the do-it-yourself option but worried that people didn’t want to be creative anymore. Clarkson hilariously advised the fan to end those detrimental friendships!

She admitted that she personally loved making things, like coloring with her children as she found it fun and therapeutic. The star confessed that she would laugh at parents with coloring books in the past.


However, things have since changed as she’s joined the same crew and she gets it now. The following fan wanted Clarkson’s advice on what to put on their virtual Christmas playlist.

Jokingly the host mentioned two of her own songs! She then suggested that the person choose their music depending on the vibe they wanted at that particular moment, like up-tempo for instance.


Her fun tips were part of her effort to lighten things up seeing as it had been a “hard year” for everyone. Clarkson is a parent to two children daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington Alexander, 4.

Sadly, she and her husband Brandon Blackstock, 43, are going through a divorce. In June 2020, the talk show host revealed that she had bought herself a house amid her divorce from Blackstock.


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