Daily Joke: An Old Man Wanted to Plant His Tomatoes

Joe Akins
Dec 29, 2020
08:50 P.M.

An old man who lived alone felt sad because he could not plant his annual tomato Garden. His son, Vincent, who was in prison, found an unexpected way to help from afar.


An old man lived alone. Every year, he made sure to plant his tomato garden, but this particular year, things did not go as planned. The ground was very difficult to work on because it was hard and his only son, Vincent, who used to help him plant, was in prison.

Saddened by the turn of events, the old man decided to write a letter to his son, in which he described his predicament. He wrote that he was feeling pretty sad because he would not be able to plant his tomato garden for the year.

A man writing a handwritten letter on a desk. | Photo: Pixabay.

A man writing a handwritten letter on a desk. | Photo: Pixabay.

The letter continued, revealing that the man felt that he was too old to be digging up a garden plot. The sad and lonely father wrote that he was certain he would not have these troubles if his son was with him.


The old man knew that his loving son would have jumped right in to help him out like he used to back in the day, but alas, he could not. The letter soon found its way to Vincent in prison.

Days later, the man was delighted to hear from his son. He received a letter in which he sternly warned his father against digging up the garden. Vincent's letter read:

"Dear Dad, please do not try to dig up that garden. That's where all the bodies are buried. Love, Vinnie."


The next morning before dawn, the father was shocked to see FBI agents and local police at his home. When they arrived, they dug up the entire area in search of the bushes mentioned in Vincent's letter.

They left after searching for hours and apologized to the old man. That same day, he got another letter from Vincent. He was, however, curious about the letter so he quickly opened it.

The letter said: "Dear Papa, Go ahead and plant the tomatoes now. That's the best I could do under the circumstances." For more interesting jokes, click here.

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