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Daily Joke: Son Falls in Love and Wants to Date

Kareena Koirala
Jan 25, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A teenage boy went to his father to tell him that he had fallen in love. His reaction was not something he could have imagined, but he decided to ignore it until he fell in love again.


"Such a beautiful morning!" Jim exclaimed. Seeing the dreamy look in his son's eyes, Stanley narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Poking the teen with a spoon, Stanley said, "Someone seems to be in a good mood today huh."

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Jim fixated his gaze on the window as the neighbor's daughter, Annie, took out the trash. She was about to head inside her house when she saw Jim and waved.

Jim waved back and sighed as she headed indoors. "Dad, I am in love with that girl," he declared.


Stanley's smile quickly turned into a frown. Inching closer to his son, he whispered, "You can't have that one son."

"But why not?!" Jim snapped. "I love that girl."

Stanley looked around to make sure they were alone. "Don't tell your mother, but Annie is actually your sister," he whispered.


Jim was shocked, but he decided to let it go. A couple of months later, he fell in love again.

"Dad! I'm in love again. She is even hotter than Annie," he excitedly told his father.

"Yeah? Who is she?" Stanley asked with a smirk.


"Penny, our other neighbor's daughter," Jim said.

"Ahhh, son. I hate to tell you this but she is also your sister. Why do you keep falling for all the wrong people," Stanley rolled his eyes.

This went on for a few more times until Jim got so mad that he could not take it anymore. He decided to go to his mother.


"Mom! I fell in love with six girls over the year but dad says I cannot date them because he is the father!" he roared.

His mother hugged him affectionately and said, "Don't listen to your dad, honey. You can date whoever you want. He is not your father."

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