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March 05, 2021

Tara Reid's Turbulent Life — Eating Disorder Accusations, Being Removed from a Flight & More

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Tara Reid's past is a patchwork of disasters, from an addiction to alcohol and stints in rehab to botched plastic surgery and a series of failed relationships.

"American Pie" actress Tara Reid is now 45. She has gone through rehab, eating disorder rumors, and botched plastic surgery that left her disfigured, as well as a series of scandals that tainted her public image.

Reid, whose career started on a promising note with a role in the cult film "The Big Lebowski" opposite the iconic Jeff Bridges, and the "American Pie" franchise, has been damaged by her own behavior and the sometimes opportunistic press.

Tara Reid in "Scrubs" in 2005 | Source: Getty Images



Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, Tara Reid was the epitome of the American Golden Girl, with her flawless doll-like prettiness and her big blue innocent eyes. She landed the roles of the sexy ingenue in a series of comedies and scream flicks.

But before long, Reid became a magnet for paparazzi when it became evident that she was partying as hard off-screen. The Golden Girl image started to tarnish when Reid was seen and photographed obviously inebriated at several events.

Reid's surgical scars were exposed for the world to see when she suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.


Tara Reid in 2006 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


Reid was persuaded by friends and family to enter rehab when it became clear that her drinking was out of control, although the actress always described herself as a "social drinker." Rehab taught Reid how ephemeral fame could be. She said:


"The second things go down, no one cares. See who visits you in the hospital when you’re sick."

Tara Reid as April Shepard in "Sharkanado 4" in 2016 | Source: Getty Images



In 2004, Reid underwent a disastrous breast augmentation and botched stomach liposuction that left her belly uneven and lumpy. Reid was understandable hurt when photos of herself in a bikini made front pages with disparaging comments about how she "used to be hot."

Reid expressed some bitterness at the cruelty of fans and the press and bravely declared that she wouldn't stop wearing a bikini. Reid made a point of stating that she accepted her changed body as it was, despite the criticism from the trolls and haters.

Tara Reid in 2018 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images



Reid's surgical scars were exposed for the world to see when she suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at "Diddy" Combs' 35th birthday party in New York. Reid did a Lady Godiva when a dress strap fell, and photographers snapped away.

The embarrassed Reid ran off, and rumors surfaced that the actress had been drunk at the time, something she has always denied. The photos of Reid's exposed breast were published, to her humiliation, and her scars commented on by the press.



Reid, who appears to be severely underweight and raised concerns about suffering from an eating disorder, has always denied any problems with body dysmorphia. Despite her obvious radical weight loss, Reid stated in 2008:

"I’m 5’5″ and 105 lbs. I’m not too skinny. I’m not too fat. I’m always dieting."



In 2018, Reid, who had seen something of a resurgence of her career for her participation in the horror spoof franchise "Sharkanado," hit the headlines again after being allegedly asked to leave a plane after a disagreement over her service dog.

Reid denied that she had been thrown off the Delta flight and stated that she had left on her own when she was told she had to stow her 3-month-old puppy in an overhead compartment or the belly of the plane with the luggage. Whatever she does, Tara Reid seems to attract bad press.


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