Story of the Day: Woman Breaks a Promise She Made to Her Parents When She Was 18

Bettina Dizon
Mar 09, 2021
11:50 P.M.
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Mandi found success in her career and love life after studying in a different state but is being forced by her parents to come home and stay in their house.


Sometimes, parents find it difficult to let their children go and explore the world on their own. As a result, many become dependent on their parents and do not grow outside of their comfort zone.

Luckily, Mandi was able to have a glimpse of independence while studying abroad and found success in her new job. However, her parents are nagging her to come live with them again because of a promise she made years ago.


As any other loving parents would, Mandi’s mom and dad decided to immigrate to America to give their children a better life. As the eldest child, her parents were quite strict and expected her to be a good example.

Growing up, the 25-year-old did as she was told and obeyed her parents, knowing that she would, one day, live life on her own terms. When Mandi turned 17, her parents told her to choose a university nearby, with a maximum four-hour drive.


However, she secretly applied for a scholarship in a different state, where she got accepted. After convincing her parents, they asked her to promise to come back home after graduating. Clouded by excitement, she agreed without considering the consequences.

Years passed, and Mandi did not even once regret her decision to study in a different state, miles away from her parents. Her education landed Mandi a great career in a promising company.

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She is also in a five-year relationship with her boyfriend, who has helped her through school. Mandi has not relied on her parents financially for the past years, even paying for her own apartment.

However, her parents are demanding that she come home to live with them and find a job close-by because it is in their culture to do so, and believes it is for Mandi’s best interest.

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Her parents often mention the promise she made five years ago, which they are still holding on to, despite her success elsewhere. Do you think Mandi should move back in with her parents because of the guilt and pressure?

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