March 21, 2021

Prince William Reportedly Tried to Protect Kate Middleton from Paparazzi with Panic Buttons

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When Prince William and Kate Middleton first became involved, their relationship was mostly kept secret by the UK press, which considered their privacy while they were students.

However, after graduating, Kate Middleton found herself accosted and pursued by the paparazzi, who were eager to snap her whenever the opportunity presented itself.

As royal biographer Kate Nicholl detailed in her book, "Kate: The Future Queen," Prince William's concern grew when his lover was constantly snapped as she went about her life.

Kate Middleton and Prince William on March 5, 2020 in Galway, Ireland. | Photo: Getty Images


The press discovered Middleton's address, and the dust settled. To make it easier for her to get in touch with his father's communications secretary, Paddy Haverson, Prince William set up a hotline.

Furthermore, Haverson and his team gave Middleton, who holds patronage within over 20 charitable and military organizations, a crash course on handling press intrusion.


Upon the public disclosure of Middleton's home address, Prince William also assured that panic buttons were set up so that police could be contacted in the case of an emergency.

In recognition of the marriage, the Queen named them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Prince William and Middleton first met in 2001 while they were students at St. Salvator's Hall at the University of St. Andrews. They began dating in 2003, but their relationship remained unconfirmed.

For their second year together, Middleton shared a flat with Prince William and two other friends. Their relationship ended in April 2007, but they got back together immediately.

Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte at Billingbear Polo Club on July 10, 2019 in Wokingham, England | Photo: Getty Images


A trip to Kenya to celebrate Prince William passing the RAF helicopter course in 2010 led to Prince William proposing to Middleton with his late mother Princess Diana's ring.

In April 2011, millions of people around the world watched them get married in Westminster Abbey. In recognition of the marriage, the Queen named them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Prince George, the first child of Prince William and Middleton, was born in 2013. He is the third in line to the throne. In 2015 and 2018, two new royal kids were born: Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Like their eldest child, the Lindo Wing was also the delivery place for Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. They are the fourth and the fifth in line to the throne, respectively.