March 27, 2021

Daily Joke: A Beautiful Princess Melted Everything She Touched

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There lived a beautiful princess who many men desired. However, anything her hands touched melted, and this caused these men to become afraid of her. 

A king had a daughter so beautiful that all the men in the kingdom wanted her hand in marriage. However, a major problem existed. Despite the princess's beauty, her hands melted everything she touched. 

Due to this, men became afraid of her and no longer wanted to marry her, causing her father to despair. He wondered what he could do to help his beautiful daughter. 

A beautiful princess in a violet garden. | Photo: Getty Images


The king met with all his wizards and magicians, seeking their knowledge on the matter. One of the wizards told the king that if his daughter touched one thing that fails to melt in her hands, she would get cured. 

The king was delighted with this information and came up with a plan. He announced a competition the next day. He ruled that any man who could bring an object that would not melt when his daughter touched it would marry her and inherit his wealth. 


Three young princes heard about the challenge and took part in it. The first one brought a steel sword to the princess, but when she touched it, it melted. He went away sadly. 

The second prince brought diamonds. He felt that since they were the hardest substance in the world, they would not melt under the princess's touch. However, he watched in shock as the diamonds melted after the princess touched them. He left sad and gloomy. 

The third prince came and walked to the princess confidently. He asked her to put her hands in his pocket and feel its contents. She did as instructed and turned red. 


The princess felt something very hard, but it did not melt when she held it in her hand. The king was delighted, and the whole kingdom made merry. 

The princess married the young prince who cured her and lived with him happily ever after. One day, she asked him the contents of his pockets, and he said: 

"M&Ms, of course! They melt in your mouth, not in your hands. What did you think?" 


Here is another joke to enjoy about a man who walked through a forest thinking hard about his life. As he walked, he felt close to nature and God. 

The man felt so close to God that he thought God would listen to him if he spoke. So, he asked God if he was listening, and God replied in the affirmative. 

The man was surprised and stopped to ponder some more. He looked towards the sky and asked God what a million years were like to him. God answered and told the man that a second to Him was like a million years to the man. 


The man continued to walk and ponder. He stopped and looked up to the sky again and asked God what a million dollars were to him. God replied and said a penny to him was like a million dollars to the man, adding that it means nothing to Him and has little value. 

The man looked down and thought for a little while. He looked up to the sky and asked God if he could have a million dollars. God replied, "In a second." 

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