April 25, 2021

Adam Toledo's Brother Remembers the Teen as Loving and Caring After Police Shooting

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As his eldest brother recalled, Adam Toledo was a loving and caring person. The 13-year-old was recently shot and killed by a Chicago police officer.

The family of Adam Toledo, who was killed on March 29, was said to have been devastated by his death. The teen's passing had prompted protests in the community where he lived and was shot.

Adam's eldest brother Marco Toledo Jr. remembered the teen as the most loving and caring little boy he had ever known. The memory he wanted to hold closest to his heart was when he got his first car.

Police officers in a crime scene blocked by tape. | Source: Getty Images


Adam and their other brother Anthony would always want to assist Marco in washing the car. Marco said Adam loved movie nights at home and was a fan of the film "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."

Marco looked forward to spending the night with his little brothers at the house he recently bought outside Chicago. One of his last memories of Adam was him jumping around happily as he ate pizza.


Marco advocated for Adam throughout the investigation. According to him, the teen was not the evil child that other people might claim he was. As he noted, no teenager and no human can be perfect.

One mom said children should be free to go anywhere in their city.


"No matter what people say, kids will be kids and will make mistakes, but will learn from them," Marco said. He added that one thing his brother did not get the chance to do was to learn from his mistakes.

Recently, the Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability released body camera footage of Adam's fatal Chicago police shooting. The video shows an officer chasing the teen down a street.


Adam was instructed by the officer to stop running and to show his hands. As the officer ordered Adam to "drop it," the teen placed both his hands up and the officer shot him in the chest.

James Murphy, Cook County Assistant State's Attorney, initially stated Adam carried a gun. In response, spokesperson Sarah Sinovic said that Murphy did not prepare himself fully before speaking in court.


The Toledos have recently joined a group of families who grieved the loss of their loved ones taken by gun violence in the last few weeks. One mom said children should be free to go anywhere in their city.

Adeena Weiss-Ortiz, attorney for the Toledo family, was recently quoted as saying that they will safeguard the future by prohibiting such tragedies from occurring to other children.

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