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John Wayne Gacy's Estate, Where He Killed 33 People, Is Finally Sold to a New Owner

Dayna Remus
May 13, 2021
04:00 P.M.
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John Wayne Gacy, infamously known as the “Killer Clown,” is a man who could have walked right out of a horror movie, but it turns out one individual wants to walk right into his house.


After prices were slashed, someone has decided to buy serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s Estate. The infamous killer took the lives of 33 people on this property.

To the unknowing eye, this house may seem just like any other. It’s built with bricks, complete with two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a kitchen with a view of a sizable yard.

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It is not legally required in Illinois to let buyers in the house's history. The owner reportedly only found out about the background recently. Speaking about luring victims into his house, Gacy once said:

"Because understand this, everybody that ever came to my house, there was never a struggle and nobody was ever forced into my house."

That being said, the actual house on the property did not belong to Gacy. After officials came upon 29 bodies at the house, it was torn down. A new house, the one recently sold, was built in the same spot.



While it is a new house, the land is still located in the area where Gacy took many lives. These murders occurred in the '70s, with the cops coming upon the 29 bodies in 1979.

The notorious serial killer expressed no guilt or shame.

These incidents could have contributed to a downfall in the price. It was set at $459,000 during the year-end of 2019 and sold at $395,000, having last been bought in 2004 for $300,000.



The "Killer Clown" was found guilty of taking the lives of 33 boys and young men. This was after he was apprehended by officials in the late 70's.

He admitted to getting rid of some of his victims by dumping them in rivers, while 3 were found hidden underneath his land and 26 in a crawlspace of his Illinois home. He was executed in the early '90s.



A taped conversation between Gacy and his lawyers has come to light. Attorney Robert Motta spoke on Gacy's unwillingness to be frank with his lawyers regarding how many individuals he killed, claiming:

"He's had two and a half months to sit and think about what to do in terms of forming some kind of a theory or defense in his own mind."

He expressed that Gacy always overestimated his own intelligence. Even within his hesitancy to admit to all of the murders, the notorious serial killer expressed no guilt or shame over what he had perpetrated.


Recently, suspects have been arrested for the murder of another young boy, specifically a 1-year-old boy, Davell Gardner, Jr. This time, the killing was related to gang violence rather than a serial murderer.

Two men, 25-year-old Dashawn Austin and 24-year-old Akeem Artis, have been apprehended. They are suspected of murdering the baby at a Brooklyn barbecue last summer.


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