17-Year-Old Julia Buck Underwent 50 Hours of Surgery after a Car Crash in April

Jené Liebenberg
May 23, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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Julia Buck and her three friends were involved in a horrific accident in Woodstown, New Jersey. The teenagers were driving home after getting a late-night treat when they were in the life-altering crash. 


17-year-old Julia Buck suffered serious injuries when she was in a terrible car crash with three friends. The group of students went to get ice cream in Woodstock, New Jersey, and on their way back, they were involved in the accident. 

Buck was left with injuries that stretch over her entire body, including her neck, pelvis, femur, ankle, and left arm and elbow. Only her right arm was rendered untouched in the accident. 

Car with a brocken windscreen. | Pexels/ Artyom Kulakov



The high school student had to undergo more than 50 hours of surgery to repair her broken bones and other injuries, but this setback has not deterred her fighting spirit.

Buck shared that being alone in the hospital while everyone else continues with their lives has been a difficult reality to face. The teenager is using this challenge as motivation as she said

"It makes me want to get going and try to get home so I can get back with everyone and back to my normal life.”



Buck and her family have not been left to fend for themselves during this difficult time. The community rallied together to host fundraising events that go toward helping with medical bills. 

She was determined to regain her quality of life and continue working until she achieved her goal. 

The injured teenager's mother, Jennifer, revealed that the community has stepped up to the plate, providing immense support and financial aid to help them navigate their challenges. 



Buck is not the only young life that a terrible car crash has altered. A 10-month-old girl was left with serious injuries after being trapped under a car that crashed into her home. 

The little girl is recovering in the hospital, leaving her parents trying to comprehend what happened on the night of the crash. Reflecting on the accident was a hard process for the parents. They shared

"It happened so fast. We didn't even know what happened. Then we realized what happened there was a car. I screamed for my daughter and she screamed back."



21-year-old Briana Grisdale is another victim of a horrific car accident. The young woman's car rolled numerous times on Manitou Beach Road, resulting in her body being thrown out of the vehicle's sun-roof. 

When Grisdale woke up in the hospital, she didn't remember the incident, leaving her father to tell her what happened. The 21-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury and was given a 25% chance of survival. 

Grisdale ended up spending several weeks under the careful watch of doctors in ICU before she was moved to  Unity Hospital's Golisano Restorative Neurology and Rehabilitation Center. 

The young woman has now made a full recovery after having learned how to walk and run again. She was determined to regain her quality of life and continue working until she achieved her goal.