Comedian Mo'Nique Shares a Message to All Black Women in Her Recent Post

Gracious Egedegbe
May 21, 2021
12:50 P.M.
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Star actress Mo'Nique was all about positivity in her latest media update as she addressed black women while sharing some inspiring and soul-stirring words.


Comedy star Mo'Nique looked gorgeous in her latest Instagram post, and while she captivated fans with her lovely features, her words were even more compelling. She wrote thoughtfully:


Mo'Nique at SiriusXM Studios on April 20, 2015. | Photo: Getty Images


The photo attached to her post showed the award-winning actress rocking her salt-and-pepper tresses in corners and deep curls. Mo'Nique sported perfect smokey makeup.

The only visible jewelry on the actress was drop earrings as she completed her sparkly look with a sweet smile. The message on Mo'Nique's photo read, "Dear Black Women: you are more than enough."

Many admirers were moved in the comment section as they gushed over the comedian's message. She also caught the attention of celebrities like Stephanie Mills and Jill Scott. 


While Mo'Nique mainly receives grand gestures from fans for her thoughtful messages, there have been times when she went under scrutiny. For a long time, her marriage was a topic of discussion among trolls.

It all started in 2006 during an interview with Jill Scott, where it came to public knowledge that Mo'Nique was in an open marriage with her long-time spouse, Sydney Hicks. 

Once speaking about this feat, Mo'Nique thanked her husband and kids for encouraging her.


Mo'Nique went under fire as speculations flew concerning her marital terms. The star once shared in her podcast that there were misconceptions about her open marriage.

One of such was the notion that Hicks was the one behind the open marriage ideal. However, she clarified things, letting the public know it was her idea all along. 

Mo'Nique shared that she was prompted to opt for an open marriage because she wanted to continue her sexual relations with the men in her life while being with her "best friend."


Although the pair evolved in their open relationship, there were some hitches. According to the entertainer, she became self-centered about it, sharing that she felt she was the celebrity in the marriage and was the only one allowed to have other partners. 

She would later realize that it was necessary to acknowledge the reciprocating aspect of her marriage. These days she is in a better place in her open marriage.

Last year, Mo'Nique received applause from her family and fans after achieving an 80lbs weight loss. Once speaking about this feat, Mo'Nique thanked her husband and kids for encouraging her.

Since she achieved her weight loss goal, Mo'Nique's social media pages have been filled with workout session videos showing her expending energy and inspiring fans on healthy living. 

Her workout routine includes rigorous dance sessions with her trainer, and she always looks radiant, sporting stylish athleisure outfits and keeping up her fitness goal.