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Daily Joke: World-Leading Wasp Expert Buys a Record with Wasp Buzzing Sounds

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 05, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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In this joke, a man claims to be a world expert on wasps. Yet, he did not know what type of wasp he had bought. You will definitely laugh after reading what his professor told him.


While walking down the street, the man, who called himself the world-leading expert on wasps, came upon a record store. In the window was a record called "wasps of the world, and the sounds they make."

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His curiosity prompted him to walk into the store. After extending a friendly salutation to the shopkeeper, the latter asked what he needed. In response, he said he would purchase the wasp record from the window.

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Trying to explain how there are thousands of different species of wasps, the man explained, "you know I'm the world's leading expert on wasps. Just by listening to the sound they make, I can identify any one of them!"

When the shopkeeper displayed interest, he smiled smugly. After he paid, the man left. When he reached home, he inserted the record. An audible buzzing was heard. The man, however, was stumped.

There was no way he could tell what kind of wasp it was, so he waited for the next track. The man again heard "Bbbbzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" and was unable to identify what type of wasp it was.

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As soon as the man heard the fifth song, he began to weep. He was highly disappointed with himself. He claimed to be a world expert in wasps, but he couldn't identify a single one.

Later, the man decided to call his old professor to come to the house and help. When the professor arrived, he elaborated on how he believed he was the best in the wasp business.

Nevertheless, he said that he was unable to identify even one wasp in the entire record. More tears flowed from his eyes. While examining the record, the old professor pondered for a moment.

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Later, he revealed to the man that he had discovered the cause of the problem. The man, excited by what he'd heard, asked what the issue was. To which the professor responded, "You've got it on the B-side."

Are you ready for some more laughter? Read the following story about a guy who walked down the street carrying a baby monkey in his arms. You'll surely laugh when you reach the end.

A man carrying a monkey. | Photo: Pexels


A man was walking down the road with a baby monkey in his arms one sunny day. His friend then walked up to him and requested that he explain what he was doing with the monkey.

Apparently, the man owned the monkey as a pet and had a plan to keep it for a long time. The monkey would be a member of the family since he and his wife do not have any children.

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The man continued by explaining that the monkey even ate with them at the table. To the friend's question about where the animal slept, he replied in the same bed as him and his wife.

The friend, upon hearing the man's story, was initially skeptical. His next question was regarding the smell. In response, the man said: "Like me, this monkey will have to get used to it."

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