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Daily Joke: Wife Advises Her Stressed Husband to Buy a Pet

Junie Sihlangu
Jun 01, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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The following joke is about a husband who was so stressed out that his wife eventually pushed him to find a solution. However, he ended up using her kindness against her.


A married man found himself quite stressed out all the time and struggled to function at his best because of it. His wife eventually got so tired of dealing with his altered outlook that she found a solution.

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She suggested that he should do something about it because she knew he couldn’t carry on living that way. The man’s wife told him he needed to go to the pet store and buy an animal of sorts.

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She explained to him that she’d read somewhere that pets were quite helpful in reducing stress. Taking her advice, the following day, the man booked himself an Uber ride to the local pet shop.

Upon arrival, he was welcomed by the shop owner, who happened to be a very attractive woman. He explained to her what his wife suggested and wanted to know what the shop owner could recommend.

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The gorgeous woman surprised him by saying he should get a couple dozen snails. She explained that these little creatures were quite good at helping people to relax and become stress-free.

Taking her advice, the husband bought the snails, but there was clearly an attraction between him and the shop owner. So they continued talking until things got heated up.

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She invited him upstairs to her apartment, and he quickly obliged. After putting a closed sign on her shop door, she joined him and found him naked in her bed.

The pair spent all afternoon and evening making love. Ultimately, it seemed the husband just needed some intimacy because he eventually fell asleep with her in his arms.

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Before dozing off, it occurred to him that he was finally relaxed in a way that he hadn’t felt for the longest of times. Suddenly, at around 2:30 a.m., the married man woke up with a start!

He jumped out of bed and started getting dressed while sweating profusely as he told the shopkeeper that his wife would be furious with him. Being so late, the store owner offered to drop him off.

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He made sure to grab his box of snails, and the woman dropped him off a block away so she wouldn’t be seen. As he quickly walked up to his driveway, he tripped over the garden hose, and the snails flew in all directions.

When he got to his feet, he realized the snails were scattered everywhere, and at that moment, his wife threw the door open and asked him where he’d been. Thinking quickly, he said,

“Here we are little guys, we’ve made it home, great going!”

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