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Rich Teen Humiliates Disabled Waiter, His Dad Teaches Him a Lesson – Story from Subscriber

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 20, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A wealthy man teaches his arrogant young son a life lesson in humility and respect for others.


Sam Hyatt was spoilt. What Sam wanted Sam got, and Sam wanted lots of things, expensive things. His latest ambition was to own his own car, his first car. But Sam didn't want just any car, he wanted an expensive sports car.

Sam knew he'd get that car. All he had to do was talk his father around, and his dad was a soft touch. Sam called his father and arranged to meet him for lunch after his driver's test. It was the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted. What could go wrong?

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Sam walked into his father's favorite restaurant on top of the world. He'd aced his driver's and he had his license, and by the end of lunch, he'd have his dream car. He saw his father across the room and waved.

He started walking towards him and bumped into a young waiter carrying a heavy tray. The waiter dropped the tray and coffee splashed everywhere and some of it landed on the sleeve of Sam's expensive jacket.

"What have you done?" screamed Sam, "Are you blind? LOOK AT THIS!"

The young man apologized, but Sam wasn't even listening. "This jacket cost more than you earn in a month, stupid! I would make you pay for it"


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Still angry, Sam sat down at his father's table. He was fuming. "Did you see that?" he asked, "Incredible!"


"Yes," his father said quietly, "I did see. I hope you apologized."

"Apologize?" Sam gasped, "ME? Why would I do that?"

"Because," said his father, "You bumped into that young man. It was your fault."

"My fault?" cried Sam indignantly, "No way!"

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The young waiter came to the table. "Good afternoon," he said shyly, "How may I help you?"

Sam's dad smiled. "Young man, I'll have coffee, and a slice of apple pie, please."

Sam sneered at the waiter. "I want a double expresso latte, with cinnamon. Don't mess it up!"

Sam's father was frowning but Sam didn't notice. He snapped at the waiter: "Don't take all day about it."

The young man left and Sam turned to his father. "Listen, Dad, now that I have my license I was thinking..."

Sam had wealth, but he was selfish and lacked empathy and respect for others.


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"Sam, I think we need to have a serious talk."

"I agree dad! Like I was saying..." Sam said.


At that moment, the waiter returned carrying their order. He placed the food on the table and was about to withdraw when Sam stopped him. "Are you deaf as well as blind?" he asked. "I wanted my latte with cinnamon!"

The young man apologized and left to fetch Sam another latte. "Now," said Sam to his father, "Getting back to our talk: now that I have my driver's licence, I need a car, so I was thinking..." Sam slid a newspaper clipping across the table to his father.

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His father looked at it and shook his head. "That's a $50,000 car, Sam. That's a lot of money!"

"Come on dad...We can afford it!" Sam said smiling.

"No, Sam, WE can't. I can. And you know, I didn't like your attitude towards that young man. I'm ashamed of you Sam, but I have only myself to blame."

Sam started to sputter, but his father held up his hand. "You are callous, rude and unfeeling and you have no notion of the value of money or hard work. But I'm going to teach you."

"What? Come on dad..." Sam cried, alarmed.


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"You are going to be working as a waiter, right here. The owner is an old friend, and I'm going to talk to him. No special treatment, and if you are fired before the end of summer, you don't get the car."


"The entire summer? But I was going to London with the guys!" Sam said.

"Not anymore. You're working."

Overnight, Sam's life was transformed. He was working long hours at the restaurant side by side with, Ryan, the young waiter he'd mistreated. It was Ryan who helped Sam find his feet.

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A week after he started working Sam noticed that even though Ryan was very good at his job, he sometimes got his orders wrong. "Ryan," he said, "You should write it all down."

"I do, Sam," said Ryan, "The problem is that I can't hear that well. I have a problem, and I need an operation. That's why I'm working here. My parent's insurance won't cover it..."

"That's bad!" cried Sam, "How much does it cost? The operation, I mean?"

"$50,000," Ryan replied, "And I've barely scraped together $10,000."

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That night Sam walked into his father's study. "Dad, can we talk?" he asked.

"Of course, son, what's going on?"

"Well, dad, I've been working at the restaurant..." Sam said.

"You're not leaving, Sam, so don't even ask!"

"No, no! That's not what I want to talk to you about," Sam said hastily, "I quite like it! It's just...You know Ryan? That other boy?"

"Yes?" said Sam's father, "What about him?"

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"Well...He needs this operation because he's going deaf...And you said you'd buy me the car..." Sam hesitated.

"Go on," said his father.

"Well, could I use the $50,000 to pay for Ryan's operation? Please, dad?" Sam asked.

Sam's dad got up and gave his son a hug. Sam was surprised to see tears in his father's eyes. "I'm proud of you, son. Yes, yes, we'll pay for Ryan's operation!"

And he did. Sam continued working at the restaurant until the end of the summer and he and Ryan became great friends. From Ryan, Sam learned empathy and self-respect, and the value of hard work.


What can we learn from this story?

1. We all deserve to be treated with respect. Whoever we are, and whatever we do we are all entitled to our dignity.


Wealth isn't everything

. Sam had wealth, but he was selfish and lacked empathy and respect for others.

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