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Parents Kick Out Their Son's Disabled Girlfriend and Instantly Regret It – Story from Subscriber

Bettina Dizon
Jun 17, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Guy brought the girl home to introduce her to his parents. When they saw that the girl was in a wheelchair, they kicked her out, but very quickly regretted it.


Joe was the only son of socialite parents who put a lot of pressure on him to be the perfect son. So far, being accepted into Harvard University has been his greatest achievement, which his parents bragged to their friends.

During his time at the university, Joe met a wonderful woman, Claire, with whom he completely fell in love. She was the perfect partner, but he knew that his parents would never accept Claire because she was disabled.

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Two years into their relationship, Joe decided to take Claire home to meet his parents. Joe knew that his mom, Kate, and father, George, would disapprove, so he hid the fact that Claire was disabled.

When dinner came, Joe walked in, assisting Claire in a wheelchair. “Mom, Dad, this is Claire, my girlfriend,” he said. Both Kate and George had surprised looks on their faces and could not hide their disappointment.

As they sat for dinner, Joe helped his girlfriend sit on a chair and tried to break the awkward silence by telling his parents about Claire’s achievements. Kate tried to engage in conversation before asking, “are there many like you in Harvard?”


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Claire was quite confused and asked Joe’s mom what she meant. “I mean, those who need extra help getting around,” Kate said. After a long pause, Claire replied that the campus was very accessible to everyone.


“Oh, I see,” Kate replied. “So, how do you go from floor to floor in buildings with no elevators?” “Mom!” Joe yelled. Amidst the conversation, George was silent but very upset. Finally, he joined and said, “Enough of this! Joe, can I have a word with you?”

The father and son went to the living room and began arguing. “What the hell are you thinking?” George said. “She’s a cripple! How can you waste your life like this -- working as a caregiver?”

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“You’re a smart man. You have to fix your life, build your career, and have a wife with long legs!” he added. Meanwhile, Kate tried to ask Claire more about her studies while pretending not to hear the men arguing.

However, George’s voice grew louder. “You’ll be smearing her snot your whole life!” he yelled. “Dad, you don’t understand. You don’t even know her! She’s smart and independent,” Joe replied, but before he finished his sentence, Kate interrupted.

She told the two to stop raising their voices, but all painful words were already heard. When George returned to the table, Claire accidentally dropped her phone. As she reached down to grab it, Joe said he would get it for her.


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“Don’t touch that phone,” Jack firmly said. “You say she’s independent, then go ahead and show me. Don’t help her get the phone.” Claire was very humiliated and could not take any more insults, so she politely excused herself to leave.


When Joe followed her, Claire told him to return to his parents. “I don’t want to be the reason you and your parents fight,” she said. “Please don’t follow me. I don’t think I can take any more humiliations tonight.”

Claire rolled herself out of the house while Joe returned. As he reached the table, Joe took a sip of water then smashed the glass on the wall. “Do you have any idea how important she is to me?” Joe yelled. “Of course you don’t because you never bothered to ask!”

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“Claire’s the reason I’m still alive! Yeah. I tried to take my own life while in school because of the pressure you both put on me!” he continued with tears in his eyes. “She helped me through it and never gave up. She showed me more love than the both of you combined!”

Joe left his parents speechless as he left their home to follow Claire. That was the last Kate and George ever heard from their son. He has since cut ties with them and refused to answer their calls and messages of apology.

What can we learn from Joe’s story?

There is more to a person than meets the eye


You should not judge other people based on their appearance

If you love your child, support them in all their choices

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