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Man Frames Housekeeper to Fool His Wife, Karma Punishes Him Hard - Subscriber Story

Roshanak Hannani
Jul 03, 2021
07:45 A.M.
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A man fooled his wife into believing that their housekeeper was stealing from them and got her fired, but everything comes crumbling down when she discovers the truth.


They say money is not important for love, but you have to pay attention when one half of the couple has much more than the other. Annalise Thorn had been so happy to find love in Robert after years of searching for “Mr. Right.”

Robert was handsome and about a decade younger than she was. He didn’t have a job yet, but Annalise could easily help get ahead with her trust fund and connections. Together, they would become a power couple.

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After a few years, however, it became clear that Robert was not willing to work; he had found a wealthy wife and didn’t need anything else. Annalise was getting tired of giving him money for everything and didn’t know what to do anymore.


She believed they were in love, but Robert needed to change somehow. So, it was time to give him a few limits in terms of spending to see what he would do.

One day, while she was reading in the living room and their housekeeper, Vivianne, was vacuuming, Robert approached her lovingly as he always did when he wanted more money.

“Honey, can you give me a few bucks. I’m coming up short this month,” he said.

“What are you going to buy? How did you spend the rest of the money I gave you?” Annalise asked.

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“Please, don’t start nagging. I spent on essentials for the house, a few things for you, and our special dinners,” Robert answered.


“Special dinners? Chinese takeout is not that expensive,” she continued.

“You’re impossible today. Come on. You can't leave me hanging without any cash. What if there’s an emergency?” he added.

“You know what? Instead of asking your wife for money, how about you get a job? We have been married for years, and you haven’t worked a single day,” Annalise said sternly.

“I’m getting tired of this attitude. I do a lot for you”

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“Excuse me? What exactly do you do? Because all I see is you playing video games for hours every day, and then you go out with the boys,” she interrupted him.


“Oh, but you love bragging about me to your friends. Where in the world are you going to find another husband half as attractive as me? Do you want to be alone for the rest of your life?” he added, almost yelling at this point.

That was always the crux of the matter. It had taken Annalise many years before finding a man who loved and wanted to marry her. She could finally attend her friends’ parties and not feel ashamed about being the only single person there.

The worst part is that he knew it was one of her insecurities, but she was done with his excuses and threats. “Stop with that nonsense. You’re my husband, but it’s time to start acting responsibly. You will get a job and pay for your own things because I’m done,” she finished.


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Robert was insanely angry about this new development. He definitely didn’t want to get a job, especially because he was not qualified for anything that would buy him the kind of lifestyle he was used to now. And he wouldn’t be able to buy things for…


He had to come up with something, and accessing his wife’s bank accounts would be impossible. Robert had already tried to do that for years, and it was impossible. But there were tons of expensive things around the house, he thought. It would be easy to take a few things here and there.

So, Robert started taking a few things and pawning them for cash. A few months went by until Annalise noticed her grandmother’s emerald necklace gone from her jewelry box.

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“Rob, have you seen the emerald necklace I keep here? I wanted to wear it to Rose’s party,” Annalise asked him.

“No, babe. You know that I never snoop around your jewelry,” he answered.

“I can’t believe it. I always leave it here, and now it’s gone,” she wailed.

Before Annalise could start questioning him again, Robert decided to blame the only other person who could access the jewelry box. “I think you should talk to Vivianne,” he suggested.

“What? That’s absurd. She has worked for me for years, and nothing has ever gone missing,” Annalise replied.


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“Babe, think about it. Whenever something disappears in a wealthy household, you have to ask the help,” Robert continued, trying desperately to persuade her.


Finally, Annalise relented, and both of them went into the kitchen. “Vivianne, may I speak to you for a second?” Annalise started.

“Yes, Mrs. Thorn,” Vivianne answered.

“Do you know where my emerald necklace is?” Annalise asked.

“It should be in the jewelry box as always,” the housekeeper replied.

“It’s not there. When was the last time you cleaned in there?” Annalise probed.

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“Oh, not for at least a week. The jewelry box barely lets any dust inside. So, it’s not necessary to clean it all the time,” Vivianne continued.

Robert was getting increasingly worried about their conversation and decided to intervene. “Stop lying, Vivianne. I saw you cleaning it just yesterday. You must have taken it right there!” he accused.

“No, Mr. Thorn. That’s not true,” Vivianne begged.

“I’m sorry, Vivianne. But I’m inclined to believe my husband. You’re fired,” Annalise said, although she was not entirely sure of her decision.

“Mrs. Thorn, you know I need this job. My son is in the hospital. I can’t afford his treatments otherwise,” Vivianne pleaded.


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“You should have thought of that before stealing from us. Get out of this house!” Robert bellowed before the housekeeper’s pitiful words could sway Annalise.


So, Vivianne was forced to leave the house, and Robert forgot all about her, continuing to steal stuff but being more discreet about it. Luckily, Vivianne was able to find a job as a maid in a hotel. It wasn’t the same salary, but it would help her cover the hospital costs.

She was almost done with her shift that day. There was just one room left to clean on that floor. “Housekeeping,” Vivianne softly yelled after knocking on the door.

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A young blonde woman wrapped in a blanket answered the door. “Hello, we’re going to need some new pillows and towels. Come on in,” she said.

“Of course,” Vivianne answered and noticed that the lady was wearing a familiar green necklace. That’s when she heard a male voice.

“Who is at the door, my love?” he asked. As Vivianne entered the room, she saw Robert sitting on the bed, tying his shoes. She couldn’t believe it.

“Mr. Thorn?” Vivianne asked, confused.

“Vivianne! What are you doing here?” he bellowed. “This is not what it looks like, ok? There’s no need to get excited. Sarah is just a friend.”


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Vivianne couldn’t believe it. “A friend? I knew I recognized that necklace from somewhere. It’s Mrs. Thorn’s emerald necklace. You accused me and had the gall to give it to your mistress!” she yelled back.


“Calm down! Listen, I have a lot of money. How much do you want?” Robert said, trying to negotiate his way out of this.

Although it was tempting to accept his offer, she knew that Mrs. Thorn didn’t deserve this. She had been conflicted about firing her, but it was understandable. Her husband was lying all along.

So, Vivianne went to Mrs. Thorn’s house after her shift and told her the entire truth. Annalise was grateful, as she knew in her heart that Vivianne had not stolen the necklace. She tried to offer the housekeeper some money, but she refused.

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“I just want my job back, Mrs. Thorn,” Vivianne explained. Annalise agreed, especially after hearing how Robert had offered to bribe her into silence. That night, she also kicked out her soon-to-be ex-husband from their lives forever.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Loyalty over money. Although Annalise had fired her, Vivianne was loyal to her former employer and knew that she was a good person.

2. Be careful who you let into your life. Not everyone has the best intentions, as even your husband can betray you.

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