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Daily Joke: Husband and Wife Are Applying for the Same Job

Daniella Segell
Jul 06, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Marriage is never easy, and at times, you might have an altercation with your partner that makes you feel as if you would rather walk away from the marriage. In other cases, someone might force your hand. For this couple, it was the latter.


It might seem like a cool job to be part of the CIA, but it is not easy to become a part of it, and this married couple found that out the hard way when they went for an interview for two top-secret positions.

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The couple went in for the interview together, but only one of them came out successful, and the other was left with less than the desired result by the end of the interview.

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While the couple sat together in the waiting room ahead of their interviews, they chatted about what it would mean for them to be a part of the CIA. They were both excited but nervous at the prospect.

Finally, the husband was called in for his interview and nervously followed his interviewer into the office. The interviewer made it clear that to get the position, he had to do anything asked of him with no hesitation.

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The interviewer then slid a handgun across the table and told the man to go out into the waiting room and shoot his wife. The man looked at the gun, slid it back across the table, and said that he could not do it.

The interviewer said that he understood and asked the man to send his wife in on his way out. The man walked back out into the waiting room and did not tell his wife what had happened but told her that the interviewer was ready to speak to her.

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The wife entered the interviewer’s office and sat down eagerly, waiting to get the interview started. The interviewer told the woman exactly what he had told her husband and once again slid the handgun across the table.

The woman grabbed the gun, stood up, and walked out into the waiting room with no hesitation. Shortly after, the interviewer heard 15 gunshots and then a scuffle. He wondered what was going on but waited for the woman to return to his office.

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When she eventually returned to the office, she said, “The gun was shooting blanks, so I had to beat him to death with it!”

After a couple of years of being married to someone, you are bound to get tired of seeing them every day. As a result, the little things that never used to matter to you might begin to annoy you a little more than they did before, and it is easy to get annoyed.

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This is exactly what happened with an elderly couple in their 80s traveling to Florida on vacation. Of course, traveling at any age is stressful, but it must be even more stressful when you are in your 80s, and spousal stress can only make it worse.

The couple arrived at the airport and got to customs, where the border officer began asking them questions about their trip. Unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as smoothly as it had on their previous trips.

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The officer asked where they were going, and in response, the wife asked, “What did he say?” The husband then told her what the officer said.

The officer then asked how long they would be in Florida, and once again, the wife asked what the officer said, and the husband told her.

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The officer then asked where the couple had come from, and the husband replied that they were coming from Hamilton. The officer shared that he dated a woman from Hamilton once, but it was the worst relationship he’d ever had.

The wife asked her husband what the officer said, and he replied that the officer thinks he knows her.


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