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Man Calls His Wife Worthless Over Bad Cooking, She Teaches Him a Lesson – Subscriber Story

Manuela Cardiga
Jul 06, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A man who's always complaining about his wife's cooking is taught a lesson.


"What is this?" asked Henri suspiciously, poking at the food on his plate with his fork. Louise sighed. She and Henri had been married for eight months now, and every time she set dinner on the table it was the same old story.

Nothing she cooked was good enough for Henri, it just never measured up to his sainted mother's cooking. Louise took gourmet cooking classes, watched hours of Food Network shows, produced culinary marvels, but nothing pleased Henri...

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Henri took up a tiny piece of the food on his fork and tasted it. He gasped theatrically. "What IS this?" he asked again, "It's disgusting!"

Louise flushed. "It's gumbo, and you know you love gumbo. It's your favorite..."

"Well," Henri said looking down his nose at Louise, "I'm a Louisiana man, of course, I love gumbo which is why YOU should never have attempted to cook it! Only native-born, bonafide Cajuns like my mama should make it!"

"But I followed your mother's recipe EXACTLY!" Louise protested tearfully.

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"Well, that goes to show that I've been right all along! You're just not a good cook. Now my mother..."

Louise was furious. She knew her gumbo was delicious, just as good as his mom's if not better... And that was when she had a brilliant idea. The next morning, as soon as she got to work, she phoned her mother-in-law.

Revenge really was a dish best served cold, and she was about to dish up a second helping.

"Angelique," she said, "it's Louise. I need your help desperately."

"Why, chérie, what's the matter?" asked Louise's mother-in-law. "Is everything alright with Henri?"


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"Oh, he's fine...But I'm not! Everything I cook he criticizes, nothing is ever good enough. I made the gumbo just like you taught me and it was lovely, but he complained.


"Said it was disgusting, and that only you could make gumbo, and that he was only eating it because he was so hungry. Honestly, Angelique, I am at the end of my patience! Next time he complains he's going to be wearing his dinner, not eating it!"

"That sounds exactly like what Henri's father used to do to me! I put up with that man for thirty-five years and it was hell!" Angelique exclaimed, "I can't believe Henri is doing the same thing to you!"

"Well, Angelique, I have this idea on how to 'fix' him, but I'm going to need your help," Louise said.

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"Chérie," Angelique said, "I'll do anything!"

A week later, Henri sat down at the dinner table. "So...What's for dinner?" he asked sniffing at the air. "And what is that SMELL?!"

"It's a surprise!" cried Louise with a big smile. She went off into the kitchen and came back with a large pot of steaming gumbo and proceeded to ladle up a generous portion onto Henri's plate.

"The spices are the exact same ones your mother uses, Henri. I think you'll be surprised."

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Henri tasted the gumbo and grimaced. "Oh my God! That's even worse than the last time! What did you do?"

"But it's exactly like your mother's!" Louise protested.

"No, it's not! I KNOW my mother's cooking, and this is nothing like it. If I wasn't so hungry I wouldn't eat a bite! This is awful, the worse gumbo I've ever tasted."

"I see..." said Louise.

"So you wasted your time. It's a lousy meal and that's no big surprise!" Henri added triumphantly.

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"But Henri, that wasn't the surprise!" At that moment, Angelique walked in from the kitchen wearing an apron and brandishing a large wooden spoon. "The surprise is that your mom is here and she made the gumbo..."

"What did you say about my gumbo, Henri?" asked Angelique. "It's awful? Disgusting?"

"Mom!" cried Henri jumping up and running to hug her. "Mom! It's all a misunderstanding! I didn't know you'd made it, I thought it was Louise's... It's the pots mom, they change the flavor of the food!"

"You did, did you? It's mine, and I'll have you know Louise's is just as good if not better. You're a bully, Henri, and you should be ashamed of yourself!" Angelique said.


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While Henri sputtered, Louise watched the show with great satisfaction. Revenge really was a dish best served cold, and she was about to dish up a second helping.


"Henri, dear," Louise said in her sweetest tone. "I have a solution to all our problems! You really do have such a sensitive discerning palate that I think you should do all the cooking from now on!"

"Oh, I agree, Louise, chérie!" Angelique added, "Henri, I will send you all my old pots and spoons and I'm sure you'll be able to cook food that will be to your liking!"

From that day on, dinner became a time of relaxation and enjoyment for Louise and of great stress and anxiety for Henri. He discovered that preparing a palatable meal wasn't as easy as he thought -- and Louise was very demanding!

What can we learn from this story?


1. Be careful of what you demand from others. Henri was very critical of his wife's cooking until she reversed their roles.

2. There's always a way to deal with a bully, and unmasking him is the best way.

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