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Daily Joke: Yellowstone Park Ranger Warns Visitors about Bears

Daniella Segell
Jul 07, 2021
09:15 P.M.
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Going to a national park is an incredible experience at any point, but there are always a few risks involved because of all the wildlife found there. The people in this next joke found out exactly what to look out for.


A group of people decided that it would be a good idea to visit a national park but knew the importance of touring with a park ranger to stay safe while they experienced the park.

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The group was touring Yellowstone National Park with a park ranger when the ranger began warning them about the different bears they might find and how to deal with the situation if they encountered one.

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The park ranger told the group that brown bears were harmless and tended to avoid humans when they saw them, so it was best if the group wore small bells on their belts and just allowed brown bears to be on their way.

The park ranger then warned that grizzly bears were much more dangerous and that if the group saw any grizzly bear droppings, they should leave the area immediately. The group asked how they would know if the droppings were from grizzly bears.

Brown bear | Source: Pixabay


The park ranger replied, “It’s easy; they’re filled with little bells.”

Bears seem to be a problem for people all around America, and the hiker in this next joke found out exactly how bears treat a person they see alone in the woods without anyone else around to protect them.

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This man was hiking in the woods when a bear chased him up a tree. He was terrified, but eventually, the bear left, so the man started to climb down the tree. However, when the man was halfway down the tree, the bear came back with an even bigger bear.

This time the bigger bear chased the man even higher up the tree, and the man decided that he would simply stay at the top of the tree. However, a little while later, both bears came back, each holding a beaver.

Hunter | Source: PIxabay


If you do manage to get away from a bear, you can count yourself lucky, but if you happen to be a bear hunter who angers a bear, then it’s probably best for you to develop some great running skills, unlike the man in the next joke.

Two bear hunters decided to go out and hunt for bears in the woods. They decided one would stay at the cabin, and the other would go out and look for bears to hunt. However, as soon as one man leaves, the other man sees a bear approaching the cabin.

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The man shoots the bear but only manages to wound the bear without actually killing it. The bear then starts chasing the man to the cabin, and although the man runs fast, he doesn’t run fast enough to outrun the bear.

The bear gains on the man, and the man realizes that if he drops to the floor, the bear will run straight into the cabin. He does this, and once the bear is inside the cabin, the man tells his friend to go inside and skin this bear while he tries to find another one.


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