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Educated Kid Schools Cop about Laws, Officer Can't Respond

Dayna Remus
Jul 13, 2021
09:30 A.M.
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A kid managed to teach a cop a thing or two about the law, but this was mild compared to another interaction with two officers when they were charged with the violent detention of an elderly citizen.


A clip was recently shared on Reddit where an officer of the law attempted to tell a young man where he could not ride his bicycle. However, this kid knew more about the law than the cop would have thought.

The officer approached him and his friends, asking them to lock their bikes. He informed them that there are allocated areas where no bicycles are permitted.

Police officer standing in front of a camera. │ Source: youtube.com/JOOGSQUAD PPJT 2


The young man questioned whether a law had changed regarding where they are allowed to cycle. The uniformed individual claimed that there was an alteration.

The kid wasn't satisfied, enquiring as to which exact regulation had changed. The policeman was vaguely taken aback by the young man's inquiry but stated that this law had been established for a while.


The young man claimed that the cop was wrong, citing a supposed specific law that allows them to ride their bikes in the area. The cop facetiously asked if he got his law degree from Facebook, to which he responded:

"Do I have to have a law degree to be an informed citizen? Is that what you're saying? It's wrong to be informed? It's wrong to know the law?"

The kid then accused the officer of harassment, and eventually, the officer begrudgingly walked away. The young man and his friends celebrated their victory.

A police officer talking. │Source: reddit.com/u/The-JZilla


In a similar yet, more extreme story, a police officer was arrested in 2014 for violent interactions with kids. After serving 7 years as a law enforcement officer, Tamika Gross was apprehended on multiple charges.

Two cops were charged for their purportedly inhumane detention of a woman with dementia.

Out of the many legal accusations, in 2012, Gross purportedly took her daughter to fight two teenage sisters. She was heard shouting, it was claimed, that nobody could be detained because she is a cop.


In 2013, she allegedly took her then-16-year-old daughter to another fight with another teenager, where she reportedly punched her child's opponent. The victim's mother, who heard about Gross' then-arrest, expressed:

"She's been getting away with it so long it was almost like it was the norm for her."

It was reported that the accused had been suspended with the intention of dismissal. In the past, Gross also faced the consequences for her alleged behavior, albeit less harsh, such as being put on desk duty.


In yet another related story, two cops were charged for their purportedly inhumane detention of a woman with dementia. Due to this, Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali were reported to have lost their titles as officers.

Footage was released showing Hopp shoving 73-year-old Karen Garner to the ground while trying to arrest her for shoplifting. Fellow officers failed to intervene and were also charged, a small success for Garner and her family.


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