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Shawn Johnson Stuns Fans with Her Strength in Video Showcasing Body Transformation – See Incredible Journey

Esther NJeri
Jul 31, 2021
12:40 A.M.
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Retired Olympian Shawn Johnson may have struggled with her body image in the past, but her recent photos show the perfect example of strength.


Shawn Johnson,29, had quite a rough patch during her teen years when she really struggled with her body image, but her recent slideshow on Instagram portrays a woman who is strong and comfortable in her body.

Johnson shared a series of photos in a short montage that shows her transformation as she advanced in her pregnancy, starting with when she was only a few months into the pregnancy, up until she was a short while due.

Shawn Johnson visits at SiriusXM Studio on July 26, 2016 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images


The montage consists of photos of the pregnant mom taken in front of a mirror in different outfits as she documents her pregnancy journey.

The transformation is evident as the pictures show her belly getting bigger and bigger as the short clip plays on, and for someone that has struggled with body image in the past, she seems to be very confident in her skin.


The photos showcase her mainly in leggings, with a few that show her husband leaning in to kiss her, one on the beach and another in white overalls during their gender reveal party.

Fans took to the comment section to congratulate her on her journey, with some exclaiming at how big the baby must've been, given the size of her tummy. She said:

"That’s one BIG baby! So cute! You are awesome carrying him full term!"


Johnson became a celebrated Olympian when she won four gold medals in the 2008 Olympics, but when she should've been celebrating her multiple victories, she was worried about her body.

After her big win at the Olympics, Johnson went on to join "Dancing with the Stars" in 2019, and at the time, she'd just turned 17. She remembers struggling with puberty, made worse by the fact that it was happening on national TV.


She gained weight, which was the beginning of her woes as people started criticizing her. This pushed her into a world of pills. She says she began taking anything that she thought would help her lose weight, including ephedrine and Adderall.

[Johnson] even remembers going a whole three weeks with no food, only raw vegetables.


The mother of two has since opened up about her struggles, saying that to maintain the image that she was healthy and in a bid to impress her judges more, she began going on strict diets.

She says she thought that the slimmer she looked, the better she would perform, so diets and pills became her solace. She even remembers going a whole three weeks with no food, only raw vegetables.


Johnson recalls her lowest moment being when she went on a skiing trip with her friends and had a bad accident where she tore her knee. She says she reached a new low and sat there wondering:

"What do I do with myself now? I don't feel good about my body, I don't feel good about myself, My relationship with everyone in my life felt out of sorts because I was not comfortable with who I was."


At this point, Johnson felt that gymnastics was the only place that made her feel good about herself, and so she went back and even won a medal, but she still struggled to be happy.

She would later quit gymnastics for good, and that is when her life turned around. She is now married to pro-footballer East and they have two children together.


The mother of two is keen on reinforcing a positive body image for her daughter. She and East have little ways of ensuring that their daughter grows up confident in who she is.

Johnson continues to share her journey about her struggles on her vlog. She also documents her journey as a wife, a career woman, and just recently, as a mother of two.


She recently shared never-seen photos of their new baby boy on Instagram, with a caption to welcome him home. She also included their daughter in the photos and their birth video.

In a recent update, Johnson let her fans know that Drew is currently staying with her grandparents, where she is being isolated from her baby brother due to a bad ear infection that she's been battling.


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