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Montgomery Clift Got into Car Crash that Shattered His Beautiful Face and Affected His Life and Career

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 17, 2021
01:40 A.M.
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Montgomery Clift is known for his remarkable diversity onset and great looks. Sadly the star got involved in a car crash that ruined his face and impacted his life and career.


Hollywood's Montgomery Clift, who was highly wanted for his diverse acting skill in the industry, kept the public entertained during his time. However, this changed after Clift's car accident that left his face in a terrible condition.

In a past interview, the star's friend, Kevin McCarthy, explained that Clift drove very high before the accident. After leaving a party organized by co-star Elizabeth Taylor in May 1956, Clift raced along a steep road before crashing.

A studio portrait of Montgomery Clift before his accident on 01 January, 1940 | Photo: Getty Images



Clift was driving a Chevrolet Bel Air sedan when the accident occurred. The crash caused severe damage to his face, and McCarthy noted in a 2018 interview that he thought Clift was dead when he saw the scene.

He owed his life to his close friend Taylor, who immediately went to help him when she learned of the incident. According to McCarthy, Clift told Taylor in a rather unregistered voice that his two front teeth were in his throat, suffocating him.

Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in the 1951 film "A Place in the Sun" on 01 January, 1951 | Photo: Getty Images


He pleaded with her to get them out, and gently, she managed to relieve him of the teeth. Clift's "Raintree Country" co-star Taylor remained with him at the accident scene and cradled his badly injured head till an ambulance arrived.

Clift died at age 45 of a heart attack in his East Side townhouse.

A portrait of Montgomery Clift leaning on a fence with an intent expression before his accident on 01 January, 1950 | Photo: Getty Images


In 1963, when the "Red River" star recalled the traumatic incident, he mentioned a long day's shoot as the reason he was asleep during the crash. He was filming "Raintree County," which also starred Taylor and Lee Marvin.

Clift, presumably an introvert, would have been super frustrated to know his physical look would be a topic for national speculation. He spent months in the hospital and had major plastic surgeries.

A portrait of Montgomery Clift after his accident on 01 January, 1958 | Photo: Getty Images



After Clift's terrible car accident, the star faced some challenging moments in the movie industry. In 1959, Clift was slammed by film director Joseph Mankiewicz after Taylor noted that the star was still "vulnerable."

The "Suddenly, Last Summer" star reportedly had the worse of experience with John Huston. Actress Marilyn Monroe even warned him never to work with Hutson, whom she described as a "sadist."

Montgomery Clift at London Airport from New York to make the new film "Suddenly, Last Summer" on 13 May, 1959 | Photo: Getty Images


However, in 1962, Cliff had to sign up to play Sigmund Feud in Huston's biopic "Freud: The Secret Passion." It was reported that Hutson was homophobic towards Clift after news of him being with a male reporter broke.

Clift also took to drinking, and his addiction was well known amongst his colleagues. The crew of Raintree Country even had code words about his state of intoxication. "Georgia" meant bad, "Florida" very bad, and "Zanzibar" unworkable.

A portrait of actor Montgomery Clift on 01 January, 1960 | Photo: Getty Images



Clift died at age 45 of a heart attack in his East Side townhouse. According to the actor's lawyer, Jack Clareman, Clift was found by his secretary Lorenzo James, who claimed the actor went to bed "in good spirits."

Before the terrible incident, the star made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. He had terrific roles in "The Misfits," "Confess," and he was last seen on screen in "Freud," which earned him his highest fee ever.


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