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Daily Joke: Two Caterpillars Climbed a Small Branch to Escape from a Spider

Laura Beatham
Aug 19, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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One day, two caterpillars were enjoying the tastiest leaves on a tall orange tree. As they were chatting about who would be turning into a butterfly next, the blue caterpillar noticed a big spider approaching them.


"Hey man," said the blue caterpillar, "there's a big spider headed towards us, we better go!"

Will the spider get them? | Photo: Shutterstock

Will the spider get them? | Photo: Shutterstock

As the two caterpillars picked up their speed to move away from the spider, the spider started moving even closer to them. They shuffled along the branch as quick as they could, but the spider was gaining on them!


Thinking fast, the blue caterpillar said to the red one, "Quickly, help me bite through this branch so we can get out of here!"

The two caterpillars began to bite through the branch. Suddenly, it broke off, and the branch began making its ascend to the ground. "Now what?" yelled the red caterpillar.

Finally they made their escape from the large spider! | Photo: Pixabay/ CESAR AUGUSTO RAMIREZ VALLEJO

Finally they made their escape from the large spider! | Photo: Pixabay/ CESAR AUGUSTO RAMIREZ VALLEJO


The blue grabbed two sticks that were protruding from the branch and steered them to safety.

"That's amazing!" exclaimed the red caterpillar, "but how are you doing that?"

The blue caterpillar scoffed, "Am I the only one in the whole forest who knows how to drive a stick?"


One day, four friends were walking through a forest. Their names were Ben, who was the leader, Jack, who was a follower, Samuel who was always trying to get a buck or two, and David who had a taste for unusual things.


As they were walking, a caterpillar fell onto Ben. "EW!" he screamed as he grabbed it and threw it at Jack.

Jack followed suit and shouted, "EW!" as he threw the caterpillar to Samuel. Samuel in turn threw it at David and said, "I don't want this! You have it!"

Later another caterpillar fell! | Photo: PIxabay/ jggrz

Later another caterpillar fell! | Photo: PIxabay/ jggrz


David caught the caterpillar and then ate it. The other three boys stared at him in shock and horror, but knowing that David could eat anything and find it tasty, they continued walking on.

The four boys continued walking through the forest, but after a few more minutes another caterpillar fell on Ben. Again Ben threw it to Jack, who then threw it to Samuel.

However this time, Samuel turned around to David and said, "Hey man, you wanna buy a caterpillar?"

Samuel found a way to make a bit of cash!

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Source: Reddit and Jokojokes.

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