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Daily Joke: Dave Asks the Thief for a Small Favor after Robbing Him

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 22, 2021
10:20 P.M.
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Dave was a young man in his mid-twenties. One day, he was on a desert safari vacation. After having a nice time, he was headed back to his hotel when suddenly, a mysterious-looking man stopped him.


At first, he thought the stranger was lost in the desert and was looking for help, but soon he discovered he was none other than a robber. However, Dave decided not to get aggressive with the robber and act as calmly as he possibly could.

The robber asked Dave for his money, but he started with his unusual requests. | Photo: Shutterstock


"Where's your money?" asked the robber, scrutinizing him.

Without any arguments or fights, Dave reached for his wallet and handed all the money to the robber.

As soon as the robber got out the money from his pocket, Dave asked him for an unusual favor.

"Can you please shoot a few bullets in my hat?" he asked.

"And why would I do that?" asked the robber, confused at his request.

"So that my wife will believe that I was robbed," replied Dave.


Dave was on a desert to enjoy the holidays. | Photo: Unsplash

So the robber shot him in his hat. But before he could demand more valuables from him, Dave had another request.


"Please shoot a few bullets in the coat while you're at it, I want to look like I fought you and not look like a coward," he said.

So the robber did as he was told and shot a few bullets in his coat.

"Now, shoot a few holes....." asked Dave, but before he could finish, the robber cut him off mid-sentence.

"Dude, please. No more holes. I'm out of bullets," said the robber.

With a wide grin on his face, Dave replied, "That's what I wanted to hear. Now give me back the wallet and some more money for the hat and coat you destroyed before I beat you black and blue!"



In another joke, a robber went to a priest for confession. He had been involved in several robberies before, but his recent crime was weighing down on his conscience.


"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," said the robber.

"What is it, my son?" asked the priest.

"Father, I have committed a grave crime. I stole the purse of a holy man. What should I do?" asked the robber.

"You should return it to him, my son," replied the priest.

The thief told the priest that he had robbed a holy man. | Photo: Shutterstock


The robber reached for the purse in his pocket and put it in front of the priest.

"Don't put stolen items before me!" exclaimed the priest.

"But Father, what if he doesn't take the purse back?" asked the robber.

"Then you can keep it with you."

"Thank you, Father," said the robber, taking the purse and putting it back in his pocket.

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