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Noah Wall Was Born with Just 2% Of his Brain and May Be Paralized but Hopes to Walk after Serious Surgery

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 28, 2021
08:40 A.M.
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Years after defying the odds and surviving his birth, Noah Walls underwent a life-changing surgery that made him more determined than ever to fully use his limbs.


Nine-year-old Noah Wall is making waves around the globe as "the miracle boy" after beating medical odds following a disheartening prognosis.

While in the womb, the doctors diagnosed the boy with a life-threatening brain condition and a rare type of spinal Bifida, a condition in which a baby's spine fails to connect.

Noah Wall smiling for a photo | Photo: Good Morning Britain


Medical experts told the parents, Michelle and Rob Wall, at the time that if at all the youngster was born alive, he would be paralyzed from the chest down and never be able to eat, talk or walk on his own. They also advised the parents to terminate the pregnancy.

However, the parents opted to keep the baby alive for as long as they could. Michelle and Rob made the shocking discovery that the young lad had a porencephalic cyst in his head during the pregnancy.

The condition caused an excessive fluid buildup in his head, which pushed against his brain, causing it to contract. By implication, the baby was expected to be missing a huge percentage of his brain mass at birth.


Noah Wall on set of a TV show | Photo: Youtube / Good Morning Britain

A "do not resuscitate" order was placed on the boy. The doctors gave Noah's parents five chances to terminate the baby, and they declined each time. All the while, the distraught couple prepared themselves for the worst, even picking out a coffin for their unborn child.


The surgery is expected to help the youngster gain the use of his legs, and finally, be able to stand at eye level with his peers.

Finally, the delivery date arrived, about a week earlier than scheduled, due to the alarmingly increasing mass of the baby's head. They welcomed Noah surgically, immediately subjecting him to his first round of surgery to drain out the fluid buildup in his head.

Noah Wall and his parents on set of a TV show | Photo: Youtube / Good Morning Britain


Scans revealed that the child was born with only 2% of his brain mass, which threatened his growth and development. But unlike most kids born with the condition who barely live past their first year, Noah exceeded doctors' expectations, celebrating his ninth birthday in March.

The youngster became a living legend when results showed his brain had grown from 2% to 80% before he turned six, which was unlike anything doctors had ever seen.

Both doctors and his parents were amazed by the development. Noah could also speak amazingly well, had an awesome sense of humor, write, spell his name, and could even count to ten.


Rob, 55, explained: "Some people say you can't grow a brain, some say his brain was there, all squashed up. So when he's had his shunt fitted, it's gone back to where it should be. But if his brain was so squashed up, he should have been so severely mentally disabled."

In May, the now-9-year-old, who has been wheelchair-bound his whole life, underwent a round of surgery to straighten his limbs and insert two plates in either foot.

The surgery is expected to help the youngster gain the use of his legs and finally be able to stand at eye level with his peers after a series of physiotherapy.


Remarkably, the miracle boy is already looking forward to tons of things he would do once he could successfully use his limbs. He shared: "I want to run first, and then I want to walk. One day I want to play football and score goals; I think that would be exciting."

Michelle, 49, is also as excited as her son, noting that the surgery was the first step in astonishing her dreams of being the little boy run someday.


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