October 15, 2021

Woman Left 'Speechless' after Reading Rude Message from a Man on Her Dating App

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A woman was completely in awe and utter shock when she discovered a vile message that one man had sent on her dating application.

Twenty-two-year-old Stephanie Campbell from Merseyside, England, going by the handle @stephthemefff on Twitter, shared a snapshot from a chat with a man on the Hinge dating app. The Twitter user was unimpressed by a snarky message her match left for her. 

However, as many may know, Twitter may not have been the best online platform to share the shot on, with what many individuals claim to be an online haven of toxic internet culture. 

Stephanie Campbell [left]; A picture of Stephanie Campbell talking with a match on the Hinge dating application [right]. | Source:



In her Tweet, Campbell said that the disgusting message had left her without words. In the comment section, @stephthemefff also penned

"Someone should tell me this is a joke."

In the same Tweet, she implied that this was not the first time it has occurred. The Twitter user also expressed that she has become used to these types of messages, and as a consequence, they do not have much of an effect on her.

Individual commenting on a Tweet by Stephanie Campbell. | Source:



In the screenshot of the messages, the particular individual liked a picture of her wearing a black dress. After inviting him to chat, he wrote to her: 

"Yeah [expletive] it, you'll do."

Many of the individuals in the comment section were supportive of Campbell's disapproval. A significant number thought that her match was in a lower league compared to her. 

A man liking a picture of Stephanie Campbell on the Hinge dating application. | Source:



However, there was also a myriad of negative comments. Many individuals believed that she was taking the jest too seriously, with one fellow netizen commenting

"That most definitely is a joke."

Unfortunately, it did not end there. The original poster has claimed that she has been receiving repulsive messages from men on the Twitter platform since she shared her now-viral Tweet.

An exchange between Stephanie Campbell and her match on the Hinge dating application. | Source:



As a result, this Twitter user has decided to stay off the social media platform for a while. The individual matched with her, according to Campbell, has also gone into hiding.

She claims that he unmatched her as he felt humiliated when his message was exposed online. As both stay out of the online world, we can only wonder what will happen next when they return to their keyboards and buttons. 

Individual commenting on a Tweet by Stephanie Campbell. | Source:



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