October 21, 2021

Mother Discovers Emotional Letters Daughter Wrote to Her Months before Dying Tragically

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A woman finally found a means of dealing with her grief after discovering 25 letters left by her teenage daughter months before her death.

Weeks after losing her 16-year-old daughter in a car accident, Tifton woman Cindy Mathis found her much-desired comfort in the words of her late daughter.

On her birthday in 2016, Mathis received a memorable gift from her daughter, Macy. The present was a stack of 25 notes to keep the woman company each time she craved for her kids or encountered a difficult situation.

A picture of Cindy Mathis and her late daughter Macy [left]. A photo of one of the letters Macy wrote to Cindy [right] | Photo: |


Each note, expected to be opened whenever the Georgian mom missed her daughter, contained words of comfort, declaration of love, and reassurance of a better tomorrow.

Macy somehow had a recipe for any situation or emotion her mom would encounter throughout her life in the pile of 25. It almost seemed like the teenager had the foresight of what was to come before the family got a chance to mark another birthday

On November 25, Macy passed away, about six days after a car accident, alongside her 18-year-old boyfriend, who also lost his life in the crash.


Before her daughter’s death, Mathis only opened three of those letters, keeping the rest away safely. She almost forgot about them until she discovered one lying in her car while cleaning out her trunk.

The note, titled “When You Can’t Sleep,” brought back memories of her daughter, who she believed was looking out for her.

The contents were a sweet reminder of how much she loved her mom and knew she could not sleep because she was stressed about something. The teenager concluded by encouraging her mom to rest easy, knowing her daughter loved her.


At that moment, Mathis clutched the letter to her chest, crying uncontrollably as she rushed to recover the rest of the notes. Reading through all of them, she could not be more glad she left them unread until that crucial moment of her life when they were most needed.

Some of the letters were uplifting, some tear-jerking, and others simply laughter-inducing. Notwithstanding, they left the mom-of-four feeling like she got back a piece of her little girl.

In one of the letters titled “Open When You Miss Me,” the teenager reassured her mom she missed her too and despised being away from her. She also made an eternal promise of love to her mother.



In another note titled, “When You Feel Lonely,” Macy encouraged her mom to not feel lonely but find solace knowing she (Mathis) would always have her close. The note also read:

“I’m sorry you feel lonely. I’m especially sorry if we’re the ones who made you feel lonely. I never intended to do that. I love you."

Although Macy never anticipated that her death would become the source of her mom’s eventual loneliness, those soothing words admittedly went a long way in helping her mom deal with her grief.

Undoubtedly, Mathis would prefer hearing those words in person from her daughter, but having them immortalized in ink and paper was more than she could hope for.