Bride's Dad Meets Groom's Sister and Recognizes His Daughter's Real Mom — Story of the Day

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Oct 28, 2021
02:20 A.M.

When Alec found out who his daughter's future sister-in-law was, he was gobsmacked. Worried, the man decided he needed to call off the wedding before it was too late.


Alec fell in love with Mia at first sight. The pair had a 15-year age gap, but just like Alec, Mia was convinced she couldn't have found a better partner to spend her life with.

However, Mia and Alec had no luck when they decided to start a family post marriage. Within a year, Mia conceived, but 2 months into the pregnancy, she had a miscarriage. The woman was heartbroken and cried herself to sleep every night near the crib she'd purchased for her child.

Alec recognized Angela's real mom at her wedding | Photo: Shutterstock

Alec recognized Angela's real mom at her wedding | Photo: Shutterstock


Alec was concerned about Mia's mental health, so he took a leave from work to spend more time with her. Fortunately, Mia began to feel better over time, and she became pregnant again one day.

It seemed the pregnancy was fine at first; there were no complications. But as the fifth month approached, Mia experienced another miscarriage. When Alec arrived at the maternity hospital, Mia was unconscious, lifelessly lying like a corpse.

Alec sank to the ground, sobbing at Mia's plight. But then a nurse came up to him. "Are you Mr. Alec Smith?" she inquired. "Mrs. Mia Smith's husband?"

"Yes, I am," Alec replied, quickly wiping his tears. "What is it about?"


"I'm sorry to hear about your loss, sir. But the doctors are concerned, and they want to see you right away."

Unfortunately, the doctors informed Alec that Mia would never conceive again.

Angela got pregnant twice but ended up having miscarriages | Photo: Pexels

Angela got pregnant twice but ended up having miscarriages | Photo: Pexels


Alec's devastation was palpable to the nurse who had previously met him, and she offered to help him. "I know it's a difficult time for you, but if you want, I can assist you and your wife."

Alec was perplexed at her strange request. "What do you mean by you can assist us?"

"Well, we have a woman who delivered a child this morning but she abandoned her child because she said she didn't want to care for her. She even paid the hospital extra money to make sure we got the baby. The baby is premature and has been admitted to the NICU. I believe it's God's will that you adopt her."

Alec had no desire to adopt, but when he looked at the child, he couldn't take his gaze away from her. Her hair was bright ginger, and her eyes were brown. Alec fell in love with the child and decided to adopt her, but he did not tell Mia, allowing her to think she had given birth to the baby girl.

Angela was adorable | Photo: Pexels

Angela was adorable | Photo: Pexels

When Mia awoke the next day, she was thrilled to see the baby. She couldn't contain her tears at the sight of the girl and named her Angela. However, when Angela turned two, life put Mia and Alec to the test once more.


One day, Angela was playing with other kids at the playground when a car appeared out of nowhere and was about to hit Angela. Mia dashed up to Angela and shoved her back. But unfortunately, Mia lost her life in the process after she accidentally stepped in front of the car as it sped away.

Alec was devastated, and this developed into a deep dislike for Angela. He blamed her for Mia's death and distanced himself from her. At the time, his mother stepped in to care for the poor child.

However, when Alec's mother died, Angela had no one except her dad. Alec began to sympathize with her and stopped drinking, something he hadn't done since his beloved Mia had left.


Later, he supported Angela's education, but just a year before she was about to graduate, Alec was diagnosed with liver disease. All of those days of drinking had taken a heavy toll on him, and they needed money for his surgery.

Angela started working at a luxury restaurant | Photo: Shutterstock

Angela started working at a luxury restaurant | Photo: Shutterstock


Without giving it much thought, Angela dropped out of college and began working as a waitress at a luxury restaurant to support her father.

However, one day, the manager threatened to fire her after she accidentally dropped a tray with a big set of wine glasses while serving at a birthday party. But just then, a young man interfered. His name was Tyler.

He and his friend Matthew took Angela's side, explaining to the manager that it was just a minor blunder and that there was no need to make a big deal out of it. They even compensated for the losses incurred by the accident.

Later, when Angela's work shift was over, Tyler met her outside the restaurant. When he found out she was a law dropout, he offered her a job at his sister's law firm, where Tyler was also an intern.


Angela began working there and met Mathew and Tyler again on several occasions. Over time, she developed feelings for Mathew. But one day, Tyler asked her for a favor.

Angela fell in love with Matthew | Photo: Pexels

Angela fell in love with Matthew | Photo: Pexels


Tyler's parents had wanted him to marry a rich girl, but he didn't like her. So he asked Angela to marry him and then to divorce him in about a year. Angela agreed, but she didn't tell her father about the fictitious marriage.

Tyler's parents were furious at first at his decision, but later they gave in. The wedding was organized at one of the most exquisite halls of New York, and Angela looked nothing less than a princess in her expensive wedding gown.

Due to Alec's health condition, he had not spent much time with his daughter, so he went straight to meet Angela when he arrived at the venue. However, when he saw the woman helping her with her hair, he stopped in his tracks.


"Dad! You're finally here!" Angela rushed up to him after noticing him enter the room through the mirror. "Meet Daniela, Tyler's sister!"

I have seen her somewhere, but where exactly? Alec wondered. Or wait, am I confusing her with someone?

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Smith," Daniela approached him. "I'm Daniela, Daniela Watson."

Alec was startled to meet Angela's future sister-in-law | Photo: Pexels

Alec was startled to meet Angela's future sister-in-law | Photo: Pexels


When Alec heard her full name, the documents he'd seen 25 years earlier flashed before his eyes. He was at the hospital signing papers for Angela's adoption at the time, and it was there that he saw her mother's records.

Daniela looked precisely like the woman in the picture on the form. Was she really Anglea's mother? Alec was puzzled. What if she was someone else?

But if she were Angela's mother, Alec would need to stop the wedding. He couldn't confront Tyler about it as the boy might not be aware of it. So Alec decided to confront Daniela.

"Would you please excuse Miss Watson and me, honey? I need to talk to her about the wedding," Alec informed Angela.


"Sure, Dad, but is everything all right?" Angela inquired, concerned.

"Oh, yes, everything's fine, honey," Alec said. "I just need to talk to Daniela about the wedding arrangements."

His curiosity brimming, Alec took Daniela outside quietly to talk about Angela. "Please don't misunderstand me, but did you ever abandon a child at a hospital?" he inquired cautiously.

Alec asked Daniela if she had abandoned a baby in the past. | Photo: Pexels

Alec asked Daniela if she had abandoned a baby in the past. | Photo: Pexels


Daniela was astounded. "Why are you asking me that?"

"I don't know how to say it, but I feel like I have seen you somewhere. Honestly, it was Angela's mother's documents. Actually, Angela is my adopted daughter."

Daniela took a deep breath, and at one moment, Alec saw fear in his eyes. Then she finally spoke up. "No, Mr. Smith, you're not mistaken. I left my baby at the hospital..."

Daniela revealed her entire story to him. It turns out she married a guy who dumped her when she got pregnant. Her parents were against her pregnancy, so Daniela was asked to terminate it.


She persisted, however, and left her baby at the hospital because she was afraid her parents would never accept the child. She also mentioned the hospital's name, confirming Alec's suspicion that Angela was indeed Daniela's daughter.

Having learned the truth, Daniela burst into tears then hurried over to Angela. "I'm sorry, honey. I was a terrible mother! Please forgive me."

Angela reunited with her mother | Photo: Pexels

Angela reunited with her mother | Photo: Pexels


Angela was taken aback. "Are you all right? What's the problem? And why are you referring to me as your daughter?"

"I'm sorry, Angela, it's my fault..." Daniela sobbed as she told her story.

Angela was taken aback when she discovered the whole truth. She had no idea how to respond to the situation. In the meantime, Alec summoned Tyler to Angela's room and told him everything. Finally, Angela and Tyler's wedding was called off.

Angela struggled to accept the fact that her mother had abandoned her, but after Alec and Tyler patiently explained that her mother didn't have a choice, Angela gave up her anger and decided to start over.


Since that day, Angela's family had gone from just two people, her and her dad, to a joint family consisting of Alec and Daniela, and later, her husband Matthew, and their children Sam and Tina.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Sometimes people have to succumb to complicated situations. Daniela didn't want to abandon Angela, but she didn't have a choice.
  • Learn to forgive and forget. Angela was initially upset with Daniela, but she eventually forgave her.

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