October 28, 2021

Magic Johnson's Gay Son EJ Was Forcibly Outed at 20 Then Left Church Parents Regularly Attended

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Magic Johnson's son, EJ, is proudly gay and isn't afraid to let people around him know it. However, before achieving freedom, the young star had faced one of the most challenging events of his life.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson has been renowned for his incredible basketball skills on the NBA court. He was the tallest point guard in NBA history when he entered the league in 1970, scaling a height of 6-foot-9.

Outside his basketball career, the former LA Lakers point guard is a devoted family man. He has been married to his wife, Cookie Johnson, since 1991 and has two adult children — EJ and Elisa Johnson.

Magic Johnson speaks during an interview with the TV show "CBS Mornings" in October 2021. | Photo: youtube.com/CBS Mornings



EJ, also known as Earvin Johnson III, has inherited most of Magic's genes. He truly is Magic's junior with his towering figure and facial features similar to the NBA legend. 

While his dad gained prominence in basketball, EJ took the spotlight in fashion and television. The 29-year-old style maven is best known for appearing in "The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" from 2014 to 2016.

Afterward, he starred in the reality show "EJNYC," which showed his adventures while living in Manhattan, New York City. His sister and his parents had frequent appearances in the self-titled E! series.


EJ Johnson and his father Magic Johnson at the 2014 Carousel of Hope Ball on October 11, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California | Photo: Getty Images


However, EJ shared that he was stunned about being portrayed differently in his self-titled show. In a 2017 interview with The New York Times, he said he does not recognize himself in the show, saying:


"It was sad. It was, like, this is supposed to be my show and my moment, and it wasn't what I wanted at all. I mean, I looked good, but that was just me doing me."

EJ's disappointment led to a clash with the show producers, who were all worried about him being a "relatable" TV personality. The reality show lasted for only six episodes.

EJ Johnson at the Tom Ford Women's Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show during New York Fashion Week on February 8, 2018. | Photo: Getty Images



A wealthy lifestyle and media mileage have been a privilege for EJ. However, there was a point in his life when he could not express himself. He revealed he stopped attending church as a result:

"I remember sitting there in sermons and hearing some less than reputable things about homosexuals."

According to the TV star, he attended the West Angeles Church of God in Christ with his family. His parents, Cookie and Magic, are among the star congregants in the church.



EJ already knew he was different at a young age. He discovered his interest in high fashion when he was four or five, playing in his mother's closet and exploring the names of his mom's luxurious bags.

He drew stick figures holding Louis Vuitton bags during an arts and crafts session with his sister. He also gained an early understanding of gay culture through his father's HIV advocacy.

At 15, his mom caught him staring at boys while having a vacation in Hawaii and initiated the conversation.  However, Johnson wasn't sure what his sexuality was at the time.



When 17-year-old EJ was about to leave for New York University, he came out to both parents. Magic became wary of the stigma that surrounded gay men, while Cookie felt conflicted.

Magic also warned his son about how difficult his life would be as a gay man since few people embraced that idea. Despite the initial reactions, EJ's parents have supported his decision.

EJ remembered his dad walking into his room and telling him they would get through it, although he needed some time to adjust. Both cried during their heartwarming conversation.



In 2013, EJ faced a crisis when TMZ publicly exposed his sexual orientation against his will. The young star was spotted at a club on the Sunset Strip holding hands with his boyfriend.

Many people were buzzing about his sexuality. The then 20-year-old socialite initially ignored the situation until the tabloid called his father for comment. 

Magic commented positively, declaring his pride for his son. Shortly after, EJ set himself in an interview with Howard Bragman, a public relations veteran who has a YouTube show on gay issues.



During his interview with Bragman, EJ opened up about his sexuality and said he is celebrating and working with it to his advantage. Since coming out as gay, numerous tabloids presumed he would be transitioning genders.


The tabloid presumptions come after EJ was spotted wearing gender-neutral clothes. In 2019, EJ asserted he has no plans to transition as he is comfortable in his skin and body. 

EJ has described himself as "gender-fluid," meaning he does not conform to traditional gender-based roles or fashion. His unique form of expression regularly sees him dressing in daring yet stylish outfits.



EJ has been taking acting classes since his stint as a reality TV star. He has also considered launching a fashion line since the industry has embraced androgynous fashion.

 With EJ's note-worthy fashionable outfits, his incredible weight loss transformation is also noticeable.


EJ was spotted in New York City wearing a show-stopping ensemble. He donned a white Calvin Klein sports bra, a black and glittered mesh blouse, biker shorts, and trendy sneakers.

A few years ago, he donned a "Boudoir Barbie" costume inspired by socialite Paris Hilton. The outfit was complete with a sheer pink hooded robe with fur hemlines, a diamond choker, and a bedazzled hair clip. 

 With EJ's note-worthy fashionable outfits, his incredible weight loss transformation is also noticeable. He underwent gastric sleeve surgery in August 2014 and has since lost 180 pounds.

Staying active and eating in moderation have helped EJ maintain his impressive weight loss. He also revealed that he does pilates four times a week with the help of a trainer.

He also eats food in small portions throughout the day instead of eating large meals while seated at the table. Besides working out, EJ also enjoys dancing as a way to help burn calories.