November 26, 2021

Nurse Saves Life of Woman Critically Injured in Shooting — 22 Years Later They Tearfully Reunite

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Two powerful women collided in a disastrous incident, both leaving a mark on one another for decades. When they finally ran into each other again, they couldn't stop the tears.

On an uneventful day on June 11, 1999, a bright-eyed 24-year-old Robin Kerl left a Walmart with her fiancé when the completely unexpected happened. 

Kerl's ex-partner shot both her and her husband-to-be, who tragically died. Kerl was picked up by helicopter, more than likely to face the same fate. 

Robin Kerl and Kim Maerz hugging [left]; Robin Kerl and Kim Maerz standing by a helicopter [right]. ┃Source:



One of the individuals in the helicopter was Med Flight nurse Kim Maerz. All those on the flight are tasked with getting the patient to the hospital as fast as possible. This is all while having to keep them stable in the process. 

Fortunately, this flight nurse could do her job well, and although shattered by her fiancé's passing, Kerl managed to survive the traumatic incident. 

However, the battle was not over yet. This critically injured woman had to learn how to walk and talk all over again, which, amazingly, she did. 

Robin Kerl and Kim Maerz.┃Source: 3000/News 3 Now



Over two decades later, Kerl was at the gym where, in a random coincidence, she ran into an employee that Maerz's son was in a relationship with. 

The two struck up a conversation which eventually led to the employee revealing that she knew a woman, specifically Maerz, who worked at Med Flight.

Grabbing the opportunity, the gym-goer asked if she could email her heroine, and a reunion was quickly set into motion. 

Kim Maerz.┃Source: 3000/News 3 Now



When the two finally came face to face, there was palpable emotion. With tears in their eyes and at one point, the nurse held her ex-patients face in her hands, looked her straight in the eyes, and expressed

"Do you know what, the person that did the most work is you. You are today where you are because of you. Not because of anything else." 

Kerl began crying, and both of them gave each other along and tight hug. Maerz has also since expressed her amazement at Kerl's survival and recovery, stating that she is the embodiment of a human's will to live. 


Kim Maerz speaking to Robin Kerl.┃Source: Channel 3000/News 3 Now


They spent some time exploring a Med Flight helicopter, with Robin sitting inside. The nurse was excited about seeing her former patient seated in the type of helicopter she could have lost her life in 22 years ago. These interactions do excite her, she said


“Hearing from their patients after their transport is incredibly rewarding and reinvigorating.” 

Even before their in-person meeting, Maerz was already ecstatic, stating the day she got an email from Kerl was one of her most amazing moments as a nurse. 



The ex-patient herself was overwhelmed at meeting the woman who contributed to her survival. Kerl expressed

“It feels so nice to finally meet Kim, the person who saved my life for me. It’s such a blessing."

Both of these extraordinary women are heroines in their own right; Maerz for the genuine compassion and effort she puts into her work and Kerl because of her strength to learn how to walk, talk and come out stronger after a horrific tragedy.


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