Mom Reunites with Son 31 Years after He Was Kidnapped by His Father: 'Mommy, You Have My Eyes'

Ayesha Muhammad
Dec 08, 2021
11:40 P.M.
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A father kidnapped his toddler son during a scheduled visit, taking him away from his mother. He took the boy to the U.S. from Canada, where he assumed an alias and bought fake identities for the two of them. 

Not all stories have happy endings; others start on a sad note, presenting their characters with endless trials and tribulations. But eventually, everything works out for the best.

A woman from Toronto, Canada, found her storybook happy ending after three decades of trauma, heartache, and loss. Despite undergoing a life full of struggles, her message to the world was never to lose hope. 

[Left] Lyneth Mann-Lewis. [Right] Jermaine's childhood picture. | Photo:



Lyneth Mann-Lewis was a mother to an adorable baby boy, Jermaine Mann, the center of her universe. But she didn't know that one day, her son would be taken away from her, and she would yearn to see his face again. 

On June 24, 1987, Jermaine's father, Allan Mann, came to see him on a scheduled visit. But instead of bringing the two-year-old boy home to his mother later, he abducted him from his Toronto home and took him to the U.S. 

Once in America, Allan began to buy fake identities for him and his son, including fake social security numbers and other necessary documents to avail the same benefits as any other U.S. citizen.


Jermaine's mother, Lyneth Mann-Lewis. | Photo: News


The U.S. authorities and Toronto officials handled the case together for many years, looking for Allan and Jermaine. In 2016, they launched a new effort during their meeting at a law enforcement conference. 


Lyneth, who got to hold her son after 31 years, shared a powerful message for people looking for their loved ones.

The U.S. marshalls traced Mann's friends and family members, including a relative who told them that Allan had assumed the alias "Hailee DeSouza" and was likely to be found in Connecticut. 

Jermaine's mother, Lyneth Mann-Lewis. | Photo: News



Soon afterward, Allan was caught in Vernon, Connecticut, in 2018. The authorities quickly informed Lyneth that her long-lost son had finally been found. Lyneth expressed her sentiments in these words: 

"He said, 'Mommy, you have my eyes.' He hugged me and he kissed me and we held for a long time."

Lyneth became emotional after hearing that her son was alive and well. She said she couldn't stop touching Jermaine's hair and smothering him with hugs and kisses because it was truly a breathtaking moment for her. 

Detective Sergeant Wayne Banks from the Toronto Police Department said Allan told Jermaine his mother had died. | Photo: News



According to the U.S. authorities, Allan had obtained counterfeit birth certificates for him and his son. He had also collected more than US$125,000 in housing and over US$55,000 in Medicaid benefits under his alias. 

A forensic specialist from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children analyzed an old picture of Allan and matched it with his DeSouza Connecticut driver's license. The two turned out to be the same person. 

Detective Sergeant Wayne Banks from the Toronto Police Department confirmed Allan had told Jermaine his mother died shortly after his birth. Allan was charged with abducting his son and illegally obtaining U.S. housing and medical benefits.  



Allan's lawyer in the U.S. confirmed that he had reportedly kidnapped his son 31 years ago because he was concerned about his safety during a custody dispute with Lyneth. 

CBC reported that Jermaine's mom had plans to take her son to Jamaica. Nearly a year after his arrest, Allan was extradited to Toronto from New York after serving an 18-month sentence. 

Lyneth, who got to hold her son after 31 years, shared a powerful message for people looking for their loved ones. The Toronto mom shared that one should never lose hope and believe in the possibility of things turning out for the best. 


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