December 10, 2021

Man Marries Wife 3 Days before She Dies from Cancer, Showing His Love in Her Last Moments

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A couple who had been postponing their big day for eleven years eventually tied the knot three days before the bride passed away from cancer. The wedding ceremony took place in a hospital room on November 17. 

Losing a loved one can take an emotional toll on people. After a devastating loss, people will likely experience grief, trauma, numbness, and denial. Everyone takes their own time to heal, but the one thing that remains is the void left by their beloved.

Ben Cooper underwent the same trauma when he lost the love of his life and the mother of his kids, Jen Cooper, on November 20. 

[Left] Jen Cooper in her wedding dress. [Right] Jen and Ben Cooper on their wedding day. | Photo:



Ben and Jen got engaged in 2010. However, the couple kept delaying their wedding due to work, family losses, and having three kids together. Finally, they married last month in the Severn Hospice in Telford, Shropshire, England.

Sadly, their wedding happened under unlikely circumstances, given Jen's worsening health. In 2020, Jen celebrated five years of being cancer-free following her breast cancer treatment.

But after a few months and a little before lockdown, Jen received her cancer diagnosis after discovering a lump under her armpit. After that, the math teacher began undergoing the treatment again. 




In the light of her cancer battle, the couple agreed to get married on November 17, so Jen could cherish her special day. The wedding was originally planned for November 27. 

Before going home to the kids, Ben gave her a tender kiss and whispered, "Good Night Beach."

34-year-old Ben shared that their wedding was a small affair, with Jen's mother and two witnesses. The bride wore a gorgeous white gown, and the couple played Bon Jovi to celebrate their union. 



The nurses hung her wedding gown in the room and helped her get ready. Ben was worried about going home and telling the kids they married without them. To his relief, they were happy for their parents. He shared the big news on Twitter. The caption read: 

"I’m heart broken that this marriage will be counted in days not years. Don’t put things off, tell the people you love that you love them now (sic)."

His Twitter post went viral, garnering over 4,000 retweets and 99,800 likes. The Coopers had planned a grand celebration on November 27, holding a party for their daughters who had their birthdays before Christmas. 




The father-of-three thanked the community for their generous donations, which helped cover the wedding costs. Regarding Jen's last moments, he said:

“Her last moments were with me holding her hand. I told her that I loved her and the kids loved her."

Ben added that the donated amount would help make Christmas special for his kids and meet their birthday party expenses. He said he wanted his children to feel special, especially after their mother's demise.



The last movie Jen watched with her husband was "Big Momma's House." Ben recalled jokingly telling the nurse about it to break the tense atmosphere in the room. He then saw that Jen's chest had stopped moving and called the nurse. 

Jen breathed her last breath on November 20 with her loving husband by her side. Ben held her hand in her last moments, telling her how much the kids loved her. 44-year-old Jen had two kids from her ex-husband and three more children with Ben.

Before going home to the kids, Ben gave her a tender kiss and whispered, "Good Night Beach." Ben lovingly called his wife "Beach." What an incredibly touching story celebrating the power of love! 


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