An old house | Source: Shutterstock
An old house | Source: Shutterstock

After Grandma's Death, Grandchildren Find Out Her House Had Been Sold and They Can't Inherit It – Story of the Day

Roshanak Hannani
Dec 16, 2021
10:20 P.M.

Daniel and Nathan returned home after their grandmother's death only to discover that she had willed her home to her nurse. They broke into her property to retrieve their old stash and find proof Grandma was scammed.


Daniel and Nathan marched toward their old family house, which they hadn't visited in four years. Their grandmother, Florence, used to live there but died recently, leaving the brothers in grief.

"If only we could go back in time and tell her how much we loved and missed her," Nathan expressed as they reached her house door.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

"The door is locked from the inside? Guess it's Sophia..." Daniel said, referring to the nurse. He rang the doorbell. Moments later, the door creaked open, and a strange middle-aged man greeted them.

"Yes?" he asked.

Daniel and Nathan exchanged confused glances, wondering what the guy was doing in their grandmother's house.


"Who are you? And what are you doing in our Grandma's house?" Nathan asked the man. "Where's Nurse Sophia?"

"Your Grandma's house? Sorry, I think you're mistaken," the man replied. "This is my house…I recently bought this house from Miss Sophia. She was this property's owner."

Daniel and Nathan could not believe their ears. "What?! You bought the house from Sophia?" Nathan gasped.

"Why yes. Like I said, she was the house owner," the man replied, leaving Nathan and Daniel perplexed and frustrated.

"I can't believe this!" Nathan fumed as they stepped back from the doorstep. "What the heck happened here?"

Daniel tried calling Sophia, but her number was out of service, which fueled their suspicions further.

"She's not answering the phone," Daniel fumed.

"What about the hidden stash in the house, Dan? Do you think it's still there?" Nathan turned to his brother.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash

For illustration purposes only | Source: Unsplash


"We need to find it," Daniel added. "Grandma never mentioned anything about selling the house or leaving it to Sophia. I doubt Grandma told Sophia about the stash."

"Yeah, maybe this family doesn't have a clue either," Nathan was determined. Still, the brothers went to the neighbors to see if they knew anything about it, but none knew anything. Finally, they decided to contact their grandmother's lawyer.

"What is happening, Mr. Gregory? Grandma left us with nothing," Daniel ranted to their family lawyer.

"...And there's this guy at Grandma's house. He said Sophia recently sold the house to him. What's going on, Mr. Gregory?" Nathan questioned.

"Let me explain," the lawyer pulled a file from his drawer and put it on the table for the brothers to read. It was a will, and the words startled Daniel and Nathan.


I, Florence J., bequeath my house, including all its contents, to Sophia Jones, as a token of my gratitude for her dedicated care and companionship. I hereby also state that Sophia is the only heir to the property.

The brothers were stunned, but it had their grandmother's signature.


"Alright, thanks, Mr. Gregory. We'll—" Daniel's handshake with the lawyer was interrupted by a phone call.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

Daniel took a picture of the will when the attorney was distracted. After leaving the office, he told Nathan they needed to get the stash quickly.

The brothers waited for the new owner to go to sleep so they get their things. Instead, they saw the family leaving. This was their chance.

"I'll go inside and search for the stash," Nathan said, opening a window. "You keep a watch outside."

Nathan reached his grandmother's room quickly. "There it is," he gasped as he approached the bed with a secret compartment and opened it. "Jesus, yes! Everything is intact, but what's this?"


There was an envelope under the jewelry and money. He picked it up and tore it open. It was a letter from Florence.

Dear Daniel & Nathan,

My health has started to give in lately. I'm very sorry if we never get to see you again. But please know that Grandma loves you very much.

My only worry is regarding our family home. I hope you will not sell it and will raise your future children in it, just like I raised you.

With Love, Grandma.

"Not sell the house?" Nathan gulped and saw the date on the letter, July 3. "The date on the will was June 2. That was a month before Grandma even wrote this letter. Something's not adding up."

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

Outside, Daniel was just as confused.


"This could only mean one thing — Sophia deceived Grandma," Daniel said, shocked.

"Looks like it, Dan. What do we do now?" Nathan asked, lost.

They debated calling the cops, but their recent break-in would probably get them in trouble.

"We need to find out what happened. If that nurse scammed our grandmother, she's probably scamming others right now," Daniel stated, getting angry.

Daniel and Nathan slept in a local motel, searching the internet for job listings requiring a full-time nurse for a senior citizen. They called each one to see if anyone had hired Sophia. After what seemed like a million people, they found the right person.

"Hello, is this Brittany?" Nathan spoke, placing his phone on speaker. "We just came across your ad seeking a full-time nurse for your Grandma. We're calling regarding a nurse named Ms. Jones. Do you know her?"

"You mean Sophia? Yes, I know her. I hired her to take care of my Grandma. Why do you ask?" replied the person on the other line.

"Great! Brittany, we need your help," Daniel said, exchanging a surprise glance with his brother. "This might sound crazy, but we believe Nurse Sophia might have deceived our Grandma and acquired her house after her passing two weeks ago."


"And we think Sophia's planning to do the same to your grandmother as well," Nathan added, startling Brittany.

"Oh my God...what are you saying?" she worried.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

They explained their situation and asked if she had recently spoken to or seen Sophia recently. But Brittany was out of the country, working in a region with limited mobile service.

"My Grandma and I hardly ever speak. And that's why I hired Sophia to look after my Grandma," she finished.

The brothers realized that Sophia probably targeted wealthy senior citizens whose families were far away. After discussing the danger Brittany's grandmother may be in, she decided to take the next flight home.


"Now, just do one thing for us before you come. Call Sophia and tell her you'll arrive home in a few days. We need to keep her off guard," Nathan requested.

They met Brittany a day later at a café.

"We need your help to catch Sophia red-handed. It's the only way we'll make her reveal her true intentions," Nathan said as soon as they sat.

"I'm with you," Brittany agreed. "So what should I do?"

The brothers already had a plan that would begin at the pharmacy.

Half an hour later, they drove up to Brittany's Grandma's house and saw Sophia leaving the house in her car. They entered the house once she was gone and found Brittany's Grandma Rose sitting on the couch.

"Brittany, my dear! I'm so happy to see you! What are you doing here?" Grandma Rose asked, delighted.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images

For illustration purposes only | Source: Getty Images


Brittany hugged her grandmother, introduced Daniel and Nathan, and told Rose she needed to answer their questions.

"Mrs. Frederick, we're from the town nearby. We need to know if you've written a will recently?" Daniel wondered.

"Oh, yes, I did. My nurse Sophia suggested it about a month ago. Why?"

They all looked worriedly at the older woman, and Daniel gently told her what Sophia had done to their grandmother.

"We don't have enough evidence. That's why we're here. We need your help, Mrs. Frederick," Daniel begged.

"What should I do?" she asked, breathless.

"Here, take this sleeping pill. Call Sophia and tell her you're not feeling well. She will come here and call an ambulance. We'll take care of the rest," Nathan gave her the medication.

Roses followed the plan while Nathan, Daniel, and Brittany returned to the car to wait. When the nurse entered the house, Nathan got out and slashed one of her tires. An ambulance took Rose away a few minutes later, and the brothers and Brittany followed it quickly.

Sophia was left behind after discovering her flat tire. She called a taxi, but it gave them enough time to reach the hospital first and talk to the doctor.


Brittany stopped the physician from doing further tests, explaining that she took a sleeping pill and why.

"Doctor, we need your help to stop a senior citizen scammer," Nathan added desperately.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

"What should I do?" the confused doctor asked.

"When the nurse comes, please tell her Mrs. Frederick has already passed away on the way to the hospital...we'll take care of the rest," Daniel requested.

The physician hesitated, but Brittany was Rose's next of kin, so he followed through.

Convinced that Rose had passed away, Sophia was busy preparing for the funeral when her phone rang in her pocket. Her eyes widened when she heard Brittany's voice.


"Sophia, it's Brittany. I'm in town. The neighbor told me about Grandma. What happened to her? She was so healthy. Also, what's with this new lock on my Grandma's door? I'm not able to get into her house using the spare keys. Can you please come over?"

"I'm really sorry about your grandmother. I was actually on my way to the house with the lawyer. We'll sort everything out." Sophia answered, sweating.

Twenty minutes later, Sophia and her lawyer arrived at the house. They didn't notice Nathan, Daniel, and Grandma Rose watching from their car.

"Hey…I'm so sorry about Rose. She got sick...old age...you know…" Sophia hugged Brittany.

"I should've talked to Grandma more," Brittany pretended to be heartbroken. "Can I get the keys? The lock seems to have been changed."

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels


Sophia looked at the lawyer expectantly.

"I'm afraid you will not get the keys to Mrs. Frederick's house," the attorney said. "Miss Sophia owns this house now."

"What do you mean?" Brittany asked, acting confused.

The lawyer opened a file and showed her some paperwork that mentioned Sophia as the legal inheritor of Rose's property.

"I DON'T THINK IT'S LEGAL!" Brittany's grandmother yelled, startling everyone, getting out of Daniel's car. Sophia recognized the brothers and was about to bolt, but they surrounded her as the loud police sirens blared.

Sophia and her accomplice were taken into custody. She sang like a canary in the confession room. The detective asked how many people they had scammed.

"I can't give you an exact number...we picked people who desperately needed care. Once the property falls under my name, we would find ways to end their lives, or if that's too hard, we kick them out and sell their property. In a rare case, one of our victims, Florence, died a natural death after signing our fake will," Sophia finished, staring at her handcuffs.

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