December 28, 2021

Inside Chuck Norris & His Wife’s Texas Ranch Where They Raise Twins After He Gave up His Movie Career

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Chuck Norris needs no introduction. The American actor, martial artist, film producer, and writer is an icon whose accomplishments have far exceeded his fame.

In the 1990s, the movie, martial arts, pop culture powerhouse, and undefeated six-time world karate champion moved from California to Texas, where he owns the Lone Wolf ranch.

When his wife developed health issues, he quit his movie career and cared for her and his children while enjoying his retirement and venturing into the business of the ranch.

Chuck Norris's ranch (center) Chuck Norris and Gena O Kelley at the UFC 46-Revenge or Repeat?/Ultimate Fighting Championship (right) | Photo: Getty Images, Youtube.com/TODAY



Chuck's ranch in Texas, called Lone Wolf Ranch, has an alligator, fishing, museum, water bottling factory, gym, and plenty of military hardware.

The ranch in Navasota also houses the CForce Bottling Co., one of Texas's biggest private bottling companies. It occupies over 53,000 square feet of production space.

The CForce Water was launched in 2015 by Chuck and Gena just across the road from the ranch. The company provides full-service production that includes filling, capping, and packaging bottles for shipment in a state-of-the-art facility.


The entrance of Chuck Norris ranch | Photo: Youtube.com/TODAY

The idea for the water company was birthed after there was a mild drought in 2011. While digging for extra wells, their ranch foreman nicked an aquifer deep into the soil.


The water that gushed out flooded their property and their neighbor's, and they had to divert it to the Navasota River. They never knew that they owned the rights to a natural bounty.

They called in a hydrogeologist to run tests, and he told them that it would take a hundred years of drought to drain the aquifer they had found, and its contents dated back to the last Ice Age.

The water bottling company on the ranch | Photo: Youtube.com/TODAY



In 1993, Chuck put up his California property on the market because he had lived in Texas since 1991. The property was a bit more than 2.2 acres and had a tennis court, a pool, a guest cottage, and an equestrian riding ring.

In Texas, he had bought a 600-acre ranch just outside of Houston. The ranch featured the main house, guest quarters, a large pond, and horses, cattle, and buffalo.

In the 1980s, he owned a rustic estate in North Tustin. The property built in 1977 featured the house and guest house, a lake, saltwater swimming pool, among other amenities.


An overview of Chuck Norris ranch | Photo: Youtube.com/TODAY

He also had a Dallas home that was 7,362 square feet in the Northwood Hills neighborhood of Dallas. The four-bedroom home was built in 1975 and had seven full baths and two half baths.


It also featured a large media room, a home gym, a large patio off a sparkling pool, a three-car garage, and an 884 square foot detached studio.


Chuck married for the second time in 1998 to model Gena, and they welcomed their twins named Danilee Kelly, a girl, and Dakota Alan, a boy, on August 30, 2001. For Chuck, Gena is his best friend and business partner.


In 2013, Gena went for an MRI scan to examine her rheumatoid arthritis, and that was when the complications in her health started. The scan required a contrast dye containing gadolinium, a heavy metal.

While she was told that there would be no side effects, on the ninth day after three scans, Gena started experiencing burning sensations.


Gena was in and out of the hospital six times within a few weeks and had symptoms such as nerve pain, muscle weakness, full-body tremors, difficulty breathing, and more.

In a bid to give her the best possible care, Chuck quit his career to take care of his wife as she needed round-the-clock nursing care, and he couldn't bear to see her suffer.

When she was at the hospital, Chuck never left her side and even slept on the couch. The couple decided to speak out about the dangers of MRI contrast agents and sued several healthcare companies.

Chuck Norris, Gena O'Kelly, Danilee Kelly, and son Dakota Alan at the Los Angeles Premiere "The Expendables 2" on August 15, 2012, in Hollywood | Photo: Getty Images


After five months of integrative treatments with Dr. Bruce Fong at the Sierra Integrative Medical Center in Reno, Nevada, Chuck and Gena could return to their ranch home, where they live with their children and grandchildren.

Their twins are fraternal twins who are already second-degree black belt holders. Besides the twins, Chuck also has three other children. Two of whom were from his first marriage and a secret daughter who contacted him when she was 26 years old.


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