'Little People's' Audrey Roloff Shares Christmas Pics with 3 Kids at Amy's House amid Years-Long Family Feud

Esther NJeri
Dec 28, 2021
11:10 A.M.
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The "Little People Big World" cast may have been feuding for years, but they could not resist the temptation of coming together during the holidays. 


In new photos posted on Audrey Roloff's Instastories, it was clear that the reality TV star was spending Christmas with Amy, 57, and her husband, Chris Marek, 55. 

The reality stars posed together beside the shiny lighted-up Christmas tree. The group photo consisted of Bode leaning into Marek's hands and Amy carrying baby Radley. Ember stood close to Marek. 

Left: Audrey Roloff with her husband Jeremy Roloff | Photo: Instagram.com/audreyroloff Right: Amy Roloff | Photo: Instagram.com/amyjroloff


In another photo, Amy stood alongside the little ones with Radley in her arms while Audrey and her daughter Ember are in a third photo.

In November, Jeremy and Audrey, who are already parents to two beautiful kids, Ember, three, and Bode, 1, welcomed their new addition to the family, Radley. 


This Christmas celebration seems like the first time the estranged family gets together after their feud began years ago.


According to sources, the row began when Audrey and her sister-in-law Tori stopped speaking to each other after their husbands, Jeremy and Zach, got into a huge argument. 

Initially, the two got along perfectly, but after their husbands began feuding, the wives took sides, and things have never been the same since. The feud ran on for weeks, and Audrey and Tori stopped speaking to each other.

The argument is said to have cropped from the lack of respect. Zach felt that Jeremy did not support him enough. Jeremy felt differently. There was plenty of mudslinging in the years that would follow, and the couples chose to keep their distance. 


However, the arguments have taken on many faces over the years. According to some sources, the brothers have also fought over their uncle Matt's Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Matt is looking to retire and wants to leave the businesses to the pair. And while Zach seems more interested, the source says that Matt secretly wants Jeremy to take over as he understands the business's operations more than Zach does. 



This divide has caused heated arguments in the past. However, Zach and Jeremy seem to be mending fences and are at a far better place. They are now on speaking terms, and their spouses have also started building bridges. 

The family appears to put their differences aside, and their visit at Christmas could be the beginning of a reconciliation journey.