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Family Has No Money for Dad's Funeral, 9-Year-Old Daughter Sells Cookies to Earn Some for It

Brittany Chalmers
Jan 19, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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When a 9-year-old girl lost her father, she was devastated to learn that there was no money for his funeral. She quickly came up with a plan to raise money, and the public's overwhelming support made her cry.  


Last year didn't start on a good note for one family living in Louisville, Kentucky. Fourth-grader, Kaylei Miller lost her father due to a car accident, and she was heartbroken by the news. However, his passing wasn't the only challenge she faced.

Miller soon found out that her father had no life insurance or family members who could afford a funeral. She jumped into action and used her love for baking to raise the money needed to give her dad a proper farewell. 

A woman buys baked treats from her car window [left] A girl and her aunt are emotional because of the support shown to them [right] | Photo: facebook.com/wavenews



After hours in the kitchen, Miller took to the streets to sell her special baked treats. There were various delicious treats on display, including brownies, popcorn, a red velvet cake, and chocolate cookies which were all her dad's favorites. 

The youngster who enjoyed baking drew in customers on foot and out of car windows. People were moved by Miller's motive for selling the treats, and many donated more money than she was asking for. 

A girl who baked and sold treats to raise money for her father's funeral | Photo: facebook.com/wavenews



Miller's father, Jason Barton, was described as a hardworking man and devoted dad who did his best to provide for his family. In return, his little girl was now doing her best to make him proud.

She expressed: "I just wanted to raise money so we could have a funeral for my dad." Thanks to the kindness of various community members, Miller was well on her way to raising enough money for the funeral. 



A couple named Jack and Debbie were among the citizens who gave generous donations to support Miller and her family. They handed her $1,000 in return for two cookies. 

Jack expressed

“As my wife said, she lost her father when she was in the fourth grade and still remembers what it was like. We knew the kind of pain the young lady was going through and we wanted to help.”

Customers line up to buy baked treats for a good cause | Photo: facebook.com/wavenews



Miller's aunt, Shalena Barton, stated that the support from their community was heartwarming. Barton was also immensely proud of her niece and added: " [She's'] just like her daddy. She's' an entrepreneur."

The youngster was emotional because of the overwhelming support. Miller revealed that she was in tears because of the genuine care and concern she received from people. 

A baby with her father before his passing | Photo: facebook.com/wavenews



Someone else was also motivated to raise money after losing a loved one. When a father from Thetford, England, found out his baby girl had cancer and wasn't going to make it, he decided to make the most of the time left with her. 

Andy Barnard arranged a special event for Poppy-Mai in 2016. He walked her down the aisle for an emotional "wedding day" and held a ceremony in her honor. It was a bittersweet moment, but it meant the world to Barnard. 



After his little girl passed away, Barnard vowed to raise money for families with sick children. He channeled his grief into a passion project and did something his daughter would've been proud of.  

Both Barnard and Miller raised funds for causes close to their hearts. People showed the power of love in action by stepping up to help with their money, but also with their support which was invaluable to the families.