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Woman Goes into Labor in the Middle of a Traffic Jam, Cop Stops the Car for Traffic Violation — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jan 20, 2022
11:40 A.M.
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When a heavily pregnant woman went into labor in the middle of a traffic jam, her husband attempted to beat the traffic and safely transport his wife to the hospital. But a cop pulled them over for speeding and a traffic violation.


"Craig, the baby! It - It's going to come out. Take me to the hospital now! Please!" Wendy cried in agony, clutching her baby bump tightly and moaning in pain.

Craig and Wendy were driving to Sunrise Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia when Wendy felt a sharp ache in her abdomen and went into labor.

Wendy was seven months pregnant, and her doctor had warned her that the baby could be born prematurely. Little did the woman know it would happen while stuck in a traffic jam!

Wendy went into labor in the middle of a traffic jam | Photo: Shutterstock


Craig and Wendy were about 15 minutes from the hospital when they got stuck in traffic near a signal.

Craig had decided to accompany Wendy to the hospital because she had been feeling a little sick since the morning. However, Wendy was crying in pain just a few minutes into the jam and pleaded with Craig to take her to the hospital right away.

"Honey! Don't worry! We'll get to the hospital soon," Craig reassured her. But when he looked outside the window, all he saw were vertical lines of cars encircling them.

"How much more time, Craig? I - I can't bear the pain. Please take me to the hospital!"


Craig got out of the car at this point and asked the drivers in front of him to kindly move their cars because his wife was pregnant and needed to be carried to the hospital.

Fortunately, people sympathized with Craig and made way for them despite the dense rows of cars that surrounded them.

Wendy was 7 months pregnant | Photo: Pexels


Wendy was drenched in sweat by this point, her breathing was labored, and she was yelling in pain. Craig knew he had no time to hesitate. He slammed on the brakes and sped up his car, hoping to beat the traffic, and he was partially successful.

Then Wendy began screaming even louder! The pain had become unbearable, and she was desperately moving in her seat, clutching her baby bump.

Craig didn't have time to think! He accelerated the car and drove as fast as he could, one hand on Wendy's baby bump, assuring her that everything was fine. "Don't worry, honey, we'll be there soon," he kept telling her.

But a cop pulled them over just as he was about to exit the jam. "Hey, you!" he shouted at them. "The signal is flashing red. And you're speeding," he yelled, approaching their car and forming a barrier in front of it.


Craig slammed on the brakes, and the car came to a halt with a jerk. "Isn't it obvious that the light is red? Where are you going so quickly?" The officer, Andy Miller, grumbled as he approached Craig's window.

Officer Andy Miller stopped Craig and Wendy's car | Photo: Pexels


"Sir, my wife, she's in labor! Please let us go!"  Craig requested. "We're heading to the Sunrise Memorial Hospital. If I drive fast, I can get there in ten minutes."

The officer looked inside their car and saw a distraught Wendy sobbing in pain. "Look, seeing your wife's condition, I suggest you shouldn't do that. You'll have to cross another signal, and because it's a weekday, there may be some traffic. I'm afraid you'll have to perform the delivery here because she's in labor," he said.

"But Sir…"

"Please assist her in getting to my car," Officer Miller suggested. "Luckily, I have a female co-worker with me today. Don't worry, we'll handle it. And yeah, call an ambulance and tell them it's an emergency."


Craig took Wendy to Officer Miller's car | Photo: Pexels

Without hesitating for even a second, a panicked Craig decided that listening to the officer was better than wasting minutes getting to the hospital. They lifted the heavily pregnant Wendy to Officer Miller's car, where a female officer helped Wendy with the delivery. Meanwhile, Craig called 911 and asked for an ambulance to be dispatched as soon as possible.


Officer Miller waited with Craig outside the car while the female officer, Barbara Anderson, positioned Wendy in the back seat and began the procedure.

"Please calm down, ma'am," she said as she placed her hand on Wendy's head. "Just keep pushing slowly. You've got this! I am a mother too, so don't worry. Everything will be fine."

Wendy pushed as hard as she could, but her strength was dwindling. "I can't, off-officer... I can't," she mumbled.

"Ma'am, just a little more effort. It'll be done soon," Officer Anderson reassured her, and after a series of pushes, a crying sound could be heard from inside the car. Wendy gave birth to a daughter who was wrapped in a police jacket and carried outside.


Just then, the paramedics arrived on the scene. They rushed over to help Wendy and her child.

Craig's eyes welled up with gratefulness, and he couldn't stop thanking the officers. "Thank you so much, officers! I can't express how grateful I am! You saved my wife and daughter!" 

Wendy gave birth to a baby girl | Photo: Pexels


"It's all right, Sir," Officer Miller said. "We should now take the mother and child to the hospital." 

Craig and Officer Miller returned to their respective cars and followed the ambulance. 

A few minutes later, they arrived at the hospital and the doctors admitted Wendy and the baby who had to be placed in the NICU because she was premature, whereas Wendy had to be kept under observation because she was unconscious when they arrived at the hospital.

Craig completed the paperwork quickly then thanked the officers once more. "I appreciate it very much, officers. My wife and daughter are safe as a result of your efforts. Thank you very much!"


"It's all right, sir. Congratulations on becoming a father! Please take care of your wife and daughter," Officer Miller said before he and Officer Anderson left.

Officer Miller brought a bouquet for Wendy and Craig | Photo: Pexels


The next day, he paid Craig and Wendy a visit with a bouquet of flowers. The couple, moved by the officer's generosity, asked him to become their daughter's godfather, which Officer Miller gladly accepted.

Craig and Wendy have also named their daughter Barbara after Officer Anderson, who assisted Wendy in giving birth to their lovely daughter.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Be kind to others and assist those in need. Just like Officers Anderson and Miller helped Wendy and Craig in delivering their baby girl.
  • If God closes one door for us, he will undoubtedly open another. Wendy and Craig were stuck in traffic and worried they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time, but God intervened and sent Officer Miller to their aid.

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