Black Woman Gives Birth to Two White Children in Two Years

Lois Oladejo
Jan 29, 2022
11:40 A.M.
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A woman once made history after becoming the first African woman to give birth to not just one but two white babies despite the odds of such an occurrence. The story left several netizens stunned. Here's what happened.


When financial analyst Catherine Howarth first held her son Jonah in her arms, she was surprised to see that he was white. More puzzling was that Catherine was a black woman with Nigerian heritage.

When Catherine gave birth to Jonah, she and her husband, Richard, feared the midwife had given them the wrong child since he was so pale.

Catherine Howarth and her two white children, Jonah and Sophie | Photo :


It was more than a surprise to the new mom. The doctors were also stunned by such a possibility. A few years later, Catherine was even more surprised when she saw the skin color of her second child.

When the midwives handed Sophia, her second child, to the financial analyst, she discovered that she looked exactly like her older brother Jonah and was white. Doctors considered the odds to be almost impossible.

From Milton Keynes, Bucks, Catherine says she is the world's only Black mother with two white, blue-eyed children. A genetic specialist informed the mother that he was a one-in-a-million baby when Catherine's son was born.


Jonah Howarths [left] and Sophie Howarths [right] | Photo :

The specialist thought it was remarkable that she would produce a child with blue eyes and a pale complexion with her African origin. The specialist also said that the possibility of it happening again was almost non-existent.


So when Sophia was born white with blue eyes, Catherine said she was more than taken back with shock. It was unheard of that a Black mom had two white babies.


Although Catherine's husband Richard, an engineer, is fully white, the couple from Buckinghamshire expected their second child to be far darker than their son.


 Doctors and midwives love to comment on this mixed family. In addition, Catherine said she often meets people who wonder if she is her children's mom.

 She also admitted that she was tired of being stopped on the street and asked if she was their nanny. People don't understand how she could give birth twice to white children.

However, people change their opinion once they get closer to the family. They often spot striking similarities between the mom and her white children, especially in their behavior. 



Catherine is Nigerian and has no white genes in her family. However, according to her, there might have been one in her family that has been dormant for years but became very dominant.

Despite the surprise, Catherine and Richard are delighted with their mixed family. Their children's looks have brought the family into the spotlight and landed them good offers. Their son Jonah reportedly got five offers from modeling agencies. Sophia also got offers from other agencies. 



Unlike Jonah and Sophia, 70-year-old Verda Byrd only discovered her race decades after her birth. She was adopted at a very young age and made to believe that she was Black. 

However, in 2013, Byrd decided to find out about her biological parents after her adoptive parents passed. That was when she discovered her true race – she was white; her biological parents were white.


Although she is light-skinned, people always attributed her skin color to her mom, who was fair in complexion. After Byrd's discovery, she decided to claim both races – her reason was that she couldn't throw away her Black experience. Even though she was born white, she grew up Black.

Since then, Byrd always ticked the boxed for the two races. She also married a Black man. Stories like hers and the Howarth's just go to show that racial differences are never a barrier at the end of it all.