2-Year-Old Girl Leads Cops to Mom and 5 Siblings Who Escaped from Her Abusive Spouse

Brittany Chalmers
Jan 26, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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When a two-year-old girl invited cops into her home, the officers were stunned by what they saw. A family of six was struggling to survive, and the officers knew they needed to assist them. 


Officers Reneeshia McIntyre and Delia Pesina had no idea what they would find when they met a girl while patrolling near an apartment in 2020.

They followed her into an apartment block in Dallas, Texas, where the family's dire living conditions left them speechless. The officers saw a single mother and her six kids, who were all under 11 years old.  

Police officers donate home items to a family in need | Photo:



Their home was empty even though the family had lived there for months. McIntyre expressed"She literally was washing styrofoam plates."

The officers discovered that the mother had fled an abusive home with her children, and now she was left to fend for them by herself. McIntyre said:

“We kind of read each other‘s minds ... when we were leaving I immediately said to [Pesina] ‘so we’re coming back, aren’t we? We were going to take care of it.’”

Police officers who raised money to help a needy family | Photo:



The cops collected donations from their fellow officers, and together they were able to assist the family. They purchased beds, mattresses, furniture, and various other home necessities. Their living space finally looked like a home. 

The cops also gave the family some groceries, and their act of kindness made a difference. The mother was overwhelmed and said:

"I thank y’all so much. I love y’all so much from the bottom of my heart.”

New beds and home items donated to a family thanks to caring police officers | Photo:



Officers McIntyre and Pesina went above and beyond their call of duty. However, McIntyre expressed: "For me, it's part of my job description. It's part of my heart."

The cops had to fight back their tears when they saw the family's reaction to the donations. The children were excited, and the look of gratitude on their faces was touching, proving just how much a simple act of care and concern can mean.



Officers McIntyre and Pesina were not the only cops who extended kindness while on the job. Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and Officer First Class Candace Spragins also helped a desperate mother in 2017.

The North Carolina officers were called to arrest a woman who had robbed a supermarket. When they arrived at the suspected home, they did not apprehend her. 



The mother and her three kids had not eaten in days, and they only had one item inside their fridge. The woman had stolen from the store in a desperate attempt to feed her family. 

Instead of arresting the mother, the police officers spent more than $100 of their own money to buy food for her family. The officers' compassion did not go unnoticed and helped the family survive another day. 

Officers McIntyre, Pesina, Bradshaw, and Spragins proved their hearts were bigger than their badges. Their kindness helped two families make better lives for themselves. 

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