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Woman from Small Town Adopts Black Boy, Starts to Hear People Whispering about Him

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 27, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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When a Southern woman fostered an African American boy, people told her she was making a huge mistake. Soon afterward, she and her husband created history by welcoming a child from a different race into their home. 


Adoption is a beautiful phenomenon that connects strangers through familial bonds. Often, couples yearning to have a home filled with children's laughter opt for fostering and adoption to complete their family puzzle. 

But have you ever encountered an unusual adoption story where a couple already had kids but longed to welcome more? The story we're sharing today is about an incredible couple who became trailblazers of change in their small town.

Kristen and Wood Jones pictured with their children. | Photo: facebook.com/theadoptionlawfirm



Kristen and Wood Jones from Selma, Alabama, led a fulfilling life with their children. Kristen took care of her three sons and worked part-time for a creative outlet. Wood had a successful career. 

The Joneses were fortunate to have a supportive friend circle and were grateful for their accomplishments. However, Kristen's heart yearned for a change. She wanted her children to know inclusiveness, authenticity, and kindness. 

One day while waiting outside her kids' school, she heard a segment about foster care on the radio. They discussed kids who needed support and a stable home environment to thrive.



Kristen was so touched by what she heard that she immediately decided to take action. She talked to her husband, and the couple signed up for foster training sessions in their town. 

The Joneses also made history by becoming the first couple in Selma, Alabama, to welcome a child from a different race.

Surprisingly, their decision seemed bizarre to several people, including themselves. People told them that fostering would negatively impact their life. Kristen couldn't understand how welcoming an orphan or foster child could damage their reputation.



Despite the criticism, Wood and Kristen completed their training classes to help a child in need and set an example for their children. Then, the Joneses got their fostering license and didn't specify any race or gender while completing the paperwork.

On vacation a few months later, they received a call. The Joneses were told a baby boy in the hospital needed a home in another part of the state. The couple noticed their biological sons' eagerness to welcome their new brother and were proud of them.

The caseworker arrived with a six-pound, three-day-old, healthy baby boy within a few hours. Kristen called her husband, who was out for a run, to come home immediately and meet the cutest addition to their family. 



The happy mother told LoveWhatMatters: "A child who was born into a broken and uncertain world has found a safe place, and here comes a father running home to meet him!" The Joneses warmly welcomed baby Winston into their hearts and home.

Sadly, people continued to whisper. Some told the couple they had made a huge mistake, while others called Winston "a drug baby." The Joneses continued to love their foster son despite the harsh comments and started advocating against racism.

Soon, they realized that Winston was meant to be their forever son. In November 2019, the Joneses officially adopted Winston.



Kristen also shared: "Our youngest son officially became a part of our family 900 days after his birth. The three older brothers raised their right hand before the judge, along with us, and promised to love and protect him forever."

Along the way, Wood and Kristen learned eye-opening lessons about adoption and fostering. They started a Foster Care and Adoption ministry, "The Bloom House," a non-profit in Selma with the vision to serve foster kids and their families.

The Joneses also made history by becoming the first couple in Selma, Alabama, to welcome a child from a different race. The news of Selma's first transracial adoption spread to other parts of the world, inspiring other families to do the same. 


What do you think of this heartwarming adoption story? Would you do the same for a child in need if you were in Kristen or Wood's place? If this story inspired you, please share it with your loved ones. 

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