School Lunch Lady Can't Afford to Visit Sick Mom, Sees Students with a Ticket in Their Hands

Dayna Remus
Feb 08, 2022
12:20 A.M.

Lynn was a local hero for the kids. She was never too busy to help them or have a quick chat; she truly cared. Of course, the students cared about her too and planned to show her in the most beautiful ways.


Schools are places students go to learn about many aspects of life, from science to math to art. However, kindness and compassion are also invaluable skills that should be taught to them.

In 2015, one high school, Bishop Manogue, in Reno, Nevada, went out of their way to show love to an individual who spent every day taking care of them.

Lynn crying with joy. │Source: youtube.com/Dudebenice

Lynn crying with joy. │Source: youtube.com/Dudebenice



Speaking about the golden-hearted Lynn, more affectionately known as "Lunch Lady Lynn," the teens of Bishop Manogue had nothing but admirable words for the food service worker. One young lady expressed:

“Lynn is really the perfect person for it. Like Lynn’s like a friend to me. Like after lunch I got to talk to her. She’s just like a friend to all of us. [sic]”

Another student said their beloved lunch lady doesn't know how much they care. This is why what they were about to do is essential because Lynn may not realize how much she means to them.

Lynn. │ Source: youtube.com/Official dude.be nice

Lynn. │ Source: youtube.com/Official dude.be nice




called "Dude Be Nice" came to the school, helping the pupils set up this wonderful gesture of appreciation.

With all the posters around the school reading "Dude Be Nice," Lynn was aware that something was occurring but had no idea that she was the center of the momentous day.

Bishop Manogue High School students. │ Source: youtube.com/Official dude.be nice

Bishop Manogue High School students. │ Source: youtube.com/Official dude.be nice



This obliviousness continued until one teen boy asked her to come with him where he and the other students, who were singing and chanting "We Love Lynn," led her to a table. There they presented her with a lovely fine-dining style meal. The boy said:

"On behalf of the Bishop Manogue students, we want to thank you for everything you've done for our school and making people smile every day."

She laughed and cried with happiness as each student walked past and put a red rose in the vases on her table. Then, they revealed her favorite meal -- Memphis Barbeque.

Students serving Lynn Memphis Barbeque. │ Source: youtube.com/Official dude.be nice

Students serving Lynn Memphis Barbeque. │ Source: youtube.com/Official dude.be nice


Food from Memphis wasn't the only link "Lunch Lady Lynn" had to her hometown of Tenessee. Her mother still lived there, whose health was declining. The lunch lady said:


"She's just elderly and she's feeble and she says everything hurts. I try to go back at least once a year. It gets a little pricey."

However, she was completely unaware that the meal wasn't her only surprise as her students presented her with a Southwest Airlines gift card to visit her mother.



The loveable lunch lady is a perfect example of how you don't need to do anything drastic to impact others' lives. Being kind holds underestimated power. As another one of the students stated:

"I've always looked up to Lynn. If someone has a really bad day, she comes out of nowhere swooping in. A hero without a cape basically."

If anything, these teenagers have learned the value of goodwill. This lesson was embodied by showing their appreciation for "Lunch Lady Lynn" hugely and authentically.



Teenagers such as those who celebrated their lunch lady prove that the stereotypes of difficult and rude teenagers are not as common as many may think.

In 2017, the then-teen Stephen Vigil also combated this overdone trope by taking his 91-year-old grandmother to the prom with him.

This was when he found out that she would be passing away and had never attended prom. Who in your life do you appreciate, and when was the last time you truly let them know?

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