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Old Widower Who Lived in Dirty Trailer Left $5.4M Inheritance to Lady Who Isn't One of His 6 Children

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 12, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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Everyone was shocked after discovering what was written in the man's will. He left a $5.4 million inheritance to a woman while his children didn't get anything. 


The 19-year-old woman shared that the man's children were after her because she was the sole inheritor of their father's wealth. She also shared what they did to make her give up the money. 

However, she believed she deserved every cent of the will and didn't want to give it up. Her Reddit post revealed what was going on in her mind. 

The woman with the Reddit username AriaHana00 shared that the man lived in a "dirt trailer in the middle of nowhere" and was "apparently" not wealthy.

The doctors had diagnosed her 76-year-old great uncle with cancer, but he had no plans of getting treated. He wanted to live the rest of his life happily. 


His wife had also passed away two years back, so all he had were his six children. Along with other secrets, his will revealed that he wasn't fond of them.

OP's great uncle lived in a dirty trailer | Source: Pexels


OP (Original Poster) shared that she wasn't aware of her great uncle's plans. She often visited him when she wasn't at work and helped him with his chores out of love and respect. 

The family also found a letter with the will, which revealed the dead man's true feelings.

She cleaned the house and took his dogs to the vet whenever she could. Otherwise, she paid for services that would help him out. 

She took his dogs to the vet | Source: Pexels


One day, he peacefully passed away in his sleep. That day, his family discovered what they meant to him because none of his six children inherited a cent from him. Only OP was named inheritor of his estate worth $5.4 million. Surprised, OP explained:

"I honestly didn't even know he was wealthy at all since he just lived in this sort of dirt trailer in the middle of nowhere."

All six children were fuming when they read the will. They weren't expecting their father to give everything to his great-niece. 

Everyone was shocked after reading the will | Source: Unsplash


The family also found a letter with the will, which revealed the dead man's true feelings. He wrote insults for his children and called them "money-hungry." The letter reflected his hatred for them, explaining why he didn't share his wealth with them.

On the other hand, OP was shocked because she had never expected him to give her anything. While her cousins were angry, she planned her great uncle's funeral and scattered his ashes in the rocky mountains.

OP recalled that her cousins were more "excited" than sad at the funeral and felt she was the only one who genuinely felt unhappy. 

OP's great uncle had written a letter | Source: Unsplash


Meanwhile, her cousins started threatening her. They believed they deserved her great uncle's wealth because they were his children. However, OP was sure about not giving up the estate because that would mean disrespecting her beloved uncle's last wish. She explained:

"He specifically said not to give them [expletive], Or even let them take his stuff."

Her cousins were living on their father's property which OP now owned. They had to move out of the houses within a month because OP's great uncle had evicted them. 

OP's cousins had to leave their houses | Source: Pexels


OP's cousins tried their best to convince her to give them a share in their late father's property. One of them called her asking her to "better give her the money" because she had eight children to look after and was majorly depending on her father's money.

OP's cousins also threatened her boyfriend, instructing him to "correct his woman," or they would come to his house to steal his precious belongings. 

OP was the only one who genuinely felt unhappy about her great uncle's death | Source: Pexels


"I'm legit pissed," she wrote, explaining that her cousins were planning to take her to court. She confessed that she didn't want anything from her great-uncle's wealth, adding:

"I was originally going to see if I could split it with them But cause of the way they are all acting, I don't know if I want to."

She wrote a Reddit post, asking other Redditors if she was at fault for not sharing her inheritance. "This is a lot to put on a 19-year-old," replied another Redditor. 

She wrote a Reddit post asking other users if she was at fault | Source: Pexels


The same Redditor advised her to think carefully before making any permanent decisions. They highlighted that OP's great uncle didn't want his children to inherit his wealth, so she should also respect his wish. The Redditor explained:

"Even if you didn't expect or want his estate, he definitely didn't want his kids to profit from it."

The Reddit user also encouraged the woman to seek professional help from financial advisors, lawyers, and property managers, advising her to ensure none of these people take advantage of her youth. 

The Redditor asked OP to seek help from professionals | Source: Pexels


OP read the comment and thanked the Redditor for his advice. She told him she would develop a plan to protect her property. 

Meanwhile, wind-river7 replied, saying OP needed an experienced lawyer who knew how to deal with evil family members. The user believed an experienced lawyer was crucial for OP to win her case. 

Most Redditors believed OP was not at fault for not sharing the inheritance and that the cousins didn't deserve anything because their father didn't want to give them anything.

Other Redditors believed OP needed an experienced lawyer | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should share her inheritance with her cousins?

Most Redditors advised her not to share the inheritance because it meant going against her late great uncle's wishes. However, some people might agree that OP could give them a portion of her estate because they needed it. What do you think?

Do you think OP's cousins could have approached her in a better way?

OP's cousins never requested her to give them a share in the inheritance. Instead, they always threatened and instructed her to share the money with them. Had they approached her politely, she might have shared the estate with them. Do you agree?

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