Grieving Mom Claims Late Son Visited Her after Transparent Figure Triggers Security Camera

Lois Oladejo
Feb 13, 2022
04:20 P.M.

Three years ago, a woman who lost her son at a young age in 2016 claimed to have seen her son's ghost after a transparent figure was spotted on her security camera. What happened afterward? Find out.


For several people, ghosts and other supernatural beings do not exist, as they believe it is just a figment of people's imagination and a way to cope with grief. However, Jennifer Hodge believes otherwise.

In January 2019, the American woman made the headlines after making a somewhat surprising claim. Hodge explained that her home security camera captured an image of a transparent-looking figure in her kitchen.

Jennifer Hodge holding a portrait of her late son, Robbie [left] The transparent figure captured by Jennifer Hodges home security camera [right]. | Photo:  facebook.com/jenhodge007

Jennifer Hodge holding a portrait of her late son, Robbie [left] The transparent figure captured by Jennifer Hodges home security camera [right]. | Photo: facebook.com/jenhodge007

It was more shocking when the woman stated that she firmly believed that the figure was the ghost of her late son Robbie. The whole story broke the internet and stirred up various reactions.



In 2016, Robbie was only 23 years old when he died from what was believed to be an accidental overdose of fake Xanax, used to treat panic disorders and anxiety. But, according to his mom, the young man was a caring person.

Before Robbie's demise, Hodge and her son set up a charity to help people battling addiction. So when the 23-year-old died, it was a very bitter pill to swallow. However, Hodge always kept her son's memories in her heart, believing he was in heaven.



The 2019 incident did not only leave the woman stunned; it also gave her assurance that her son was in a happy place. Hodge revealed that when the eerie moment took place, she was watching TV with her 21-year-old daughter, Lauren.

The mom said her phone alerted her at 11:51 pm that something was amiss in her home. According to their security system, an intruder had gained access into the kitchen and set off the camera.

The mother and daughter's initial concern quickly turned into astonishment when they looked at the phone and noticed that the figure looked precisely like Robbie. Throwing caution into the wind, the pair dashed off to the kitchen to investigate the situation.



However, they found nobody in the kitchen and no sign of a break-in on arrival. Hodge took to her Facebook page to share the exciting story, alongside a clear picture of the transparent figure, which looked like a human.

The grieving mother explained that she was still terrified by what she saw. However, she felt like Robbie told her that he was happy in heaven. Hodge said the experience was weird, but it brought her comfort.


She desperately needed other people to confirm that they saw transparent figures in their cameras. That way, it would convince her that indeed it was her son. Hodge had never seen a ghost before, so that moment was shocking and weird.

However, the woman had a strong faith in God, and all she could say about the situation was "God's Got This." As a result, many people believed Hodge and Lauren's story, but others thought it was a figment of their imaginations.

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