Bride-To-Be Finds a Couple in Need to Celebrate Their Wedding for Free in Her Place

Ayesha Muhammad
Feb 11, 2022
03:00 A.M.

When a bride-to-be called off her engagement only weeks before her big day, she discovered that the venue and decorations were non-refundable. What she did next was unexpected and heartwarming.


Human beings thrive upon interactions and newly-formed connections that can evolve into something beautiful over time. Even when one chapter of our life ends, it makes way for something new and profound.

Every ending is a new beginning, and seeing the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud is an art only a few have mastered. 24-year-old Kolbie Sanders from Tyler, Texas, was quite familiar with such feelings, especially after everything she survived.

Kolbie Sanders [Left]. Sanders poses with the couple she donated her wedding venue to [Right]. | Photo: facebook.com/kolbie.sanders

Kolbie Sanders [Left]. Sanders poses with the couple she donated her wedding venue to [Right]. | Photo: facebook.com/kolbie.sanders


It was 2018, and Sanders was engaged to be married in a few weeks. Like any bride-to-be, one could expect Sanders to be over the moon, busy preparing for her special day. But unexpectedly, things went awry for the young lady.


Everything was booked, including the wedding venue, when Sanders decided to end her engagement. She took the heart-wrenching decision under challenging circumstances but knew it was the right thing for her and her ex-fiancé.

But there was one problem — Sanders had paid for the wedding venue in full already, and the amount was non-refundable. She knew it was now time to do right by someone else, and that was precisely what she did.



Sanders took to Facebook and announced she wanted to donate the venue, valued at $3,500. However, there was one condition — she had only 24 hours to find the couple, and they would have to agree to the same wedding date of October 20.

Instead of walking down the aisle, Sanders attended the wedding as an honorary guest, watching another deserving couple's union.

“I have partnered with the venue, and they are on board with this decision, and we are both excited to see if we can help a couple in need of making their wedding that much more beautiful with a free venue,” revealed Sanders in her Facebook post.



She made the post public to reach a bigger audience and urged everyone to share it. Sanders asked everyone interested to send her a private message and give her details about their relationship and why they needed the donation.

The former bride-to-be explained that the donation was for the couple who couldn't afford a fancy venue, had children's expenses that didn't allow them to have a lavish wedding or were irrevocably in love with each other.

Sanders also announced to give away her wedding decorations and provide any assistance the couple needed. The winning couple will receive free photography service, including a bouquet for the bride and a boutonnière for the groom.



The bride would also receive free makeup and hair-do for the big day. From free wedding cookies to tamales for over 150 guests, the lucky couple could enjoy their sweet communion without any worries.

Sanders put the names of the couples who stood out to her in a hat. She did a live drawing session on Facebook and picked 22-year-old Halie Hipsher's name. When Hipsher's sister gave her the great news, she couldn't believe it.

The donation meant the world to Hipsher, whose grandfather was battling stage four pancreatic cancer and wouldn't have made it to the couple's original wedding date, set a year from October 2018.



Instead of walking down the aisle, Sanders attended the wedding as an honorary guest, watching another deserving couple's union. She felt overwhelmed to participate in the celebration originally meant for her.

After the wedding, Sanders took to Facebook again to share her thoughts and feelings. She posed with the newly-wed couple and said she was grateful to witness their best day and couldn't wait to see their love grow.

“This is why everyone should show acts of kindness to their neighbors, friends, family members, and especially complete strangers because you can end up changing the outcome of someone’s entire life when you stop caring about the outcome of your own,” wrote Sanders.


What Sanders did for the couple in need shows the beautiful person she is, and we hope she's rewarded for her incredible kindness. Please share this story with your family and friends if it touched your heart.

In the meantime, you can check out another story that mirrors this one, and it's about a father who lost his daughter shortly before her wedding. Drawing strength from his irreparable loss, he decided to walk another bride down the aisle.

You can find the full story here.

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