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Woman Ignores Letters from Man She Left 53 Years Ago, Visits Him Once and Finds a Ruined House — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Feb 11, 2022
11:40 P.M.
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A woman turns down her ex-lover's invitation to meet him 53 years after they broke up, but when she comes across some of his old letters, she reconsiders her decision and visits him – only to find his house in shambles.


76-year-old Bessie Walsh had always been a joyful, vibrant woman, but after losing her better half Edward to cancer three years ago, she was reduced to a forlorn and dejected soul.

Bessie and Edward had been happily married for 45 years, had two lovely daughters, and had a beautiful home in a wonderful neighborhood. But when Edward left her for his heavenly abode, the cheerful woman was left heartbroken and alone.

Bessie's daughters, Stephanie and Cassandra, were both married and settled abroad, so the only company she had in her later years were her children's photo albums and memories when they were young. As a result, she rummaged through her storeroom every evening to find all the old albums and sat for hours looking through them.


One evening, she was looking for one of their family albums when she found a stack of envelopes buried in a corner beneath an old crate. She dusted them off to have a better look at them when one of the envelopes fell to the floor, revealing a letter.

She brought everything into the living room and put on her glasses to read them, but as soon as she opened the first letter, her heart began to race.

"Hi Bessie,

This is Troy. I'm so sorry, Bess. Look, I understand you're upset with me, but please give me a chance to explain myself. What you saw was not true, trust me. I have only loved you, and I won't look at anyone the same way. Meet me today at the Red Rose Cafe at 5:00 p.m. I'm in your hometown. I'll explain everything. I promise.


With love, Troy."

Bessie found Troy's letter in the storeroom | Photo: Pexels

No one could have predicted that the happy, constantly smiling Bessie would have a sad side too, but she did...


When she was 23, she was madly in love with Troy Evans, a young and attractive man. They'd met at university and fallen in love, and Troy had even proposed to her. Bessie had said yes without hesitation, and their wedding had already been planned. But then something happened one evening that changed everything...

Bessie was out with her friends at a restaurant when she noticed Troy. She initially assumed she had misidentified the man as Troy, but she knew it was him when she looked at him again. She was about to approach him and give him a back hug when a gorgeous brunette ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Then they held each other's hands and walked away to a table together.


Bessie was shocked, to say the least. "Really, Troy? You're cheating on me!" She sobbed her way out of the restaurant that day, swearing never to see him again. However, she left him a farewell letter, stating she was moving back to her hometown and that everything between them was over.

Troy wrote numerous letters to her after receiving her final letter, begging her to give him a chance to explain himself, but she didn't bother to read any of them. Later, she married Edward after falling in love with him. She'd even forgotten she had Troy's letters with her until a postman showed up on her doorstep one day. "You've got a letter, ma'am. Pretty fancy! No one does it these days!"


The letter was sent by Troy | Photo: Pexels

Bessie wondered who would send her a letter as her parents had died a long time ago, and her husband was an orphan with no living relatives. She had opened the letter out of curiosity, only to discover that it was written by Troy.


"Dear Bessie,

It's been a long time, hasn't it? It took me a long time to find you, but I did. I didn't come to meet you because I don't want to cause problems in your marriage. But I just want to see you once, Bess. You haven't responded to any of my letters in all these years, but please give me one chance to explain myself. I'm living in Chicago, and you'll find my address inside the envelope. Please, Bess, meet me once. I'm hoping you won't decline my request this time.

With love,

Troy Evans. "

It happened about a year after Edward's death, and Bessie was still in grief, so she threw that letter and the others he'd sent later in the storeroom, never planning to read them. However, as she read one of his letters again this evening, she felt something – presumably a longing to be with someone or be loved – and moved on to the next one.


Bessie went for the next letter | Photo: Pexels

"Dear Bessie,

This is the last letter I'll be writing you. I wrote to you so many times, and I really wanted to meet you, but I guess it won't happen. So I'm writing this letter to explain why I kept telling you I didn't cheat on you.


One of my friends had requested me to act as his sister's boyfriend that day so that the boys who were stalking her wouldn't bother her. Bess, it was all a joke. I wanted to tell you about it earlier, but you were at your grandparents' house at the time, and when you got back, everything was messed up.

I've only loved you with all of my heart, and I've never even considered anyone else. I'm still single, and I'm hoping you'll forgive me and come back to me. But if not, then I guess this is goodbye.

With love,

Troy Evans."

Bessie's eyes welled up as she finished reading. Troy had never been unfaithful to her. In truth, he had wanted to tell her everything, but she was too angry to think rationally. She couldn't help but feel bad for the man who had honestly loved her his entire life. She rummaged through the letters in a frenzy to find the envelope with his address and decided to pay him a visit.


Bessie decided to meet Troy | Photo: Pexels

However, when she arrived there, all she found was an old, decaying house with broken roofing and worn-out paint. She began inquiring with the neighbors about him, but nobody knew anything. Dejected, she had almost left the neighborhood when her gaze was drawn to a 95-year-old frail woman.


She'd been looking intently at her from the moment she'd arrived there. She felt there was something she knew and wanted to tell her, so she decided to approach her. "Excuse me, do you know anything about Troy Evans?" she gently asked.

The older woman didn't utter a word and handed her a note. "Go to this address; he'll be there. He left this place two years ago and never returned," it said. Bessie realized the woman was mute, which is why she didn't say anything.

"Thank you!" she whispered to the woman before heading to the address. An hour later, her search for Troy brought her to The Oliver Nursing Home, where she quickly spotted him. He was sitting immobile on a wheelchair in the outer yard, almost like a statue. His previously vibrant, sparkling eyes had a strange dead expression, and his face was dotted with wrinkles.


Bessie's eyes welled up as she approached him. "Hi, Troy. How are you? It's me, Bessie!"

The man slowly turned his wheelchair to face her, but he didn't utter a word.

Bessie smiled at him, teary-eyed, and held his hand in hers. "I'm finally here, Troy. I'm sorry I ignored you all these years. Please forgive me," she whispered gently.

Suddenly a voice interrupted her. "There's no point in trying, ma'am. I'm afraid he won't recognize you."

Troy suffered a memory loss | Photo: Shutterstock


Bessie turned around and saw a woman in her late 50s standing there. She was Debbie, Troy's caretaker at the nursing home. She informed her that Troy had suffered from memory loss due to the stroke and was unable to speak.

Bessie's heart sank when she heard that. Now that she finally met Troy after all these years, he was in such a condition that he didn't even recognize her! But she decided she won't give up so soon. 

She began visiting him often and told him their stories – how they'd met, showed him the letters too – in the hopes that he would recall something. It didn't help much initially, but once, when she went to meet him, he cried terribly after reading one of the letters. He kept sobbing, and it was the first time he finally recognized Bessie and called her name! Even the nurses were stunned. It was indeed a miracle! 


Bessie brought Troy home that day, and they are now living happily together. She is grateful she decided to go through those letters that evening.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Don't jump to conclusions. Bessie thought Troy had cheated on him without giving him a chance to clarify himself.
  • What's meant to be will be. Troy and Bessie were fated to end up together, and that's what happened in the end.

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