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Bride-To-Be Discovers Her Fiancé Will Die in a Few Days, Still Decides to Marry Him

Dayna Remus
Mar 08, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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Many women imagine their perfect wedding day. The white dress, the groom crying with happiness -- all of it. This fantasy was crushed for one bride, but she managed to personify true love by embracing her messy yet beautiful new path.


A 38-year-old Martin Simmons from Gloucestershire and his bride-to-be 35-year-old Tina appeared to be lovers destined to grow old together. 

When they were only 12 years old, the two found one another, enjoying three months of innocent courtship until Tina had to move. 

Martin Simmons and Tina’s wedding day. | Source: facebook.com/tommylee.penn.7 twitter.com/DailyMirror



What appeared to be the end of a sweet memory from childhood continued when the pair came across each other as adults -- a true love began to bloom right away. Tina recollected

"We decided to go for drinks and food. We got talking for a few days, and he moved in pretty much straight away."

Soon enough, these star-crossed lovers were ready to say their "I do's" -- the next chapter of their real-life fairytale romance. Sadly, sometimes reality gets in the way of what feels like a dream coming to life. 



Having battled and beaten cancer already, Simmons, as many of his loved ones referred to him, was a fighter. However, even the strongest of us can't win every war. 

Now, the bride-to-be's nightmare had come alive when her fiancée had injured himself at work in February 2019. This incident left him with severe brain damage. 

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All attempts were made to save Simmons's life, but eventually, there was no possibility of recovery left as the love of Tina's life lay in hospital on life support

Although she was devastated, Tina chose to go through with the wedding and keep the promise she made to Simmons, marrying him in March of 2019.



Tina wore her full bridal gown at the ceremony, which took place at the hospital next to her husband-to-be's bedside. She recollected

"It was the perfect day. Martin's best friend read out the vows on his behalf, and my son, Tommy, placed the ring on my finger."

Simmons passed away only days after their wedding on March 6, 2019, following the decision to take him off life support.



Like Tina and her late spouse, those truly in love will not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of them saying their vows. 

For 30-something year old's Heather and David Mosher from Connecticut, cancer was attempting to beat them to the altar. Both of them were ready to fight tooth and nail to prevent that from happening. 



In 2016, medical professionals informed Heather that she had triple-negative breast cancer, and on the very same day, David asked her if she would marry him -- of course, she said yes. David expressed

"We had known even before I proposed that we were soulmates…it was just something that was important to us."

Knowing she would pass sooner than expected, they held the wedding day a bit earlier than intended, on December 22, 2017.



Heather was on life support as she said her vows -- perhaps some of the last words she spoke while still alive, passing away only 18 hours later. 

Marriage, for many, is meant to signify an everlasting commitment. This is a path embodied by these two couples on a level that only a few of us can aspire to or imagine. 


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