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Everyone Ignores Crying Old Lady Begging to Buy Her a Bus Ticket until One Woman Stops By — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Mar 30, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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The old woman was pleading with passers-by to help her get a bus ticket back home, but everyone ignored her, except a woman who couldn't hold back her emotions after hearing the older woman's story about being stranded at the bus stop.


It was a regular evening in Florida, except for 80-year-old Molly Williams, who was stranded at an unknown city's bus stop with no cell phone or money to call for help or return home. As a result, she was crying and begging passers-by to purchase her a bus ticket, but everyone turned a deaf ear to her.

"Get lost, woman!" a man hissed at her when she asked him for help. "I'm running late. My children and wife are expecting me at home. You can wait and ask for help from someone else."

"But sir—" She had only started to speak when the man walked away.

Mrs. Williams was stranded at the bus stop with nowhere to go. | Source: Shutterstock


Mrs. Williams felt like crying, but she managed to keep her emotions under control before approaching a group of young women, hoping that they would assist her.

"Excuse me, girls," she said politely. "Can one of you please help me get a bus ticket? I've misplaced my phone and wallet, and I need to get home."

One of the women looked at her from head to toe and mocked her. "You don't appear to be the type to approach bystanders for help. What happened? Someone threw you out of your house, uh?" she laughed, and the other girls joined in.

Mrs. Williams was reduced to tears at this point. She thought nobody would help her. But just then, a young woman, somewhat in her early 30s, approached her. She noticed Mrs. Williams was almost on the verge of crying when nobody helped her. She couldn't resist approaching the older woman.


"Hello, ma'am. Is there a problem? Do you need any help?" she asked her.

"Oh, dear," Mrs. Williams sobbed as she wiped her tears. "I - I need a bus ticket back home. I don't have my wallet or a phone. Could you please help me?"

A young woman came to Mrs. Williams' rescue. | Source: Pexels


"That's all? Sure, ma'am. That's no problem!"

Mrs. Williams couldn't hold back her tears as she thanked the woman for her assistance. "I appreciate that so much, young woman. What's your name?"

"I'm Maria - Maria Jones. Where are you going?"

"I'm waiting for a bus to Orlando, darling. I came here with my son, but he—"

Kindness begets kindness.

"Orlando? Oh, how lovely! I'm traveling to Orlando as well! Oh, I'm so sorry for interrupting you. I didn't even ask for your name. You're—"


"I'm Molly Williams."

"So you came here with your son, Mrs. Williams?"

The older woman nodded, her eyes welling up.

"So, where is he? Did he drop you off here at the bus stop? Would you like me to call him?"

Mrs. Williams's son had left her on purpose. | Source: Pexels


Mrs. Williams shook her head. "No. I was supposed to go to his house, but he just vanished when we got to the bus stop. It's been 3 hours, and I don't think he'll return. I really shouldn't have listened to him..."

"What?" gasped Maria. "How can he do that? Why would he, in fact?"

"Oh, dear, it's a long story. Actually…" Mrs. Williams had just begun when the bus arrived.

Maria helped the old woman get inside, paid for her ticket, and after they had settled in their seats, she asked her what happened that she was stranded at the bus stop. Mrs. Williams began telling her story, and by the time she finished, Maria was in tears.


"I'm sorry for what happened, Mrs. Williams. But when did it all begin? I mean, how do you know he did it on purpose?"

"A few days ago, sweetheart... My son Stephen paid me a visit and asked me to sell our old house. I hadn't seen him in ten years, so when he came home, I was shocked. But then he told me why he wanted to see me, and I understood he wasn't home for me. He said that he and his wife Georgia had purchased a larger house and that I could stay with him in his home. But I declined since I didn't want to sell the house."

"So, what happened next?"

Maria was heartbroken after learning Mrs. Williams' story. | Source: Pexels


"Oh, that boy has a way with words! Silver-tongued, I would say! He suggested I visit him. I didn't want to do it since I knew Georgia would be upset. But he talked me around it. He said it was just a matter of days. Actually, Georgia and I never got along well. She didn't like me initially, and I never tried to impose myself on her.

"So when Stephen decided to move out, I didn't say anything because I didn't want to ruin my relationship with him. Although with time, we eventually grew distant. He had asked me for money to help him with his housing back then, but I didn't have any, so he cut me off after that. No matter how much I tried, nothing could improve our relationship. I thought maybe this trip would improve things between us after all these years, so I agreed. After my husband died, I was completely alone... But he just dropped me off at the bus stop. I never got to visit his home."


"Why didn't you call the police or someone for help?"

"I - I didn't have my phone. I actually brought it with me, but it was gone when I was looking for it at the bus stop. I'd dozed off on the way, and I believe that's when he took it from my bag."

"You know, I have heard similar stories before. Children fraudulently take their parents' apartments and leave the parents to fend for themselves... It's getting late already. I'm afraid it wouldn't be safe for you to go home alone now. I can offer you a room at my house for the night. It's not far from the station where we're getting off. And don't worry, I've got a plan to help you. You will not lose your house."


Mrs. Williams shared about how Stephen was after her house. | Source: Unsplash

Mrs. Williams was in such despair that she immediately agreed. She crashed that night at Maria's house and discovered the young woman too lived alone, just like her. It turned out she was an orphan. Her grandparents had left her a house in Orlando, where she often spent time during the holidays.


That night, Maria prepared a nice dinner for Mrs. Williams, then the two ladies spent time talking about their lives, families, and anything and everything that came to their minds. After so many years, Mrs. Williams felt so nice being around someone.

In the morning, Maria accompanied her home, where they found Stephen and an unknown man discussing something. It turned out he'd stolen the property papers from Mrs. WIllaims' closet and was in talks with the man to immediately sell off the house. But thanks to Maria, that couldn't happen.

She immediately dialed 911, and Mrs. Williams informed the cops of the entire scenario, after which Stephen was brought to a police station and cautioned to stay away from his mother.


The older woman couldn't thank Maria enough. "Thank you, Maria. If you hadn't helped me, I would have lost my home."

"It's fine, Mrs. Williams. You know, I may come across as selfish, but whenever I return to my home or my grandparents' home, I feel quite alone, but not last night. So I was wondering if you'd be interested in moving in with me. It's just like...ugh...a request. I'd love to have you over."

It was a happy ending for Maria and Mrs. Williams. | Source: Unsplash


Mrs. Williams smiled at her and hugged her. "So when can I move in?"

"Really, Mrs. Williams? Oh my god, thank you! Thank you so much!"

"It's alright, honey. Anyways, it's better to move away from here and not land in any more trouble. Let's do it this weekend?"

Maria nodded, and the following Sunday, she assisted Mrs. Williams in packing her belongings for relocation. Mrs. Williams sold her old flat before relocating to Maria's home. She figured that living in the company of someone who cared for her was preferable to living alone in those four walls.

Three years down the line after this incident, Maria married and welcomed a daughter, and Mrs. Williams became a loving grandmother to junior Maria.


What can we learn from this story?

  • Greed will not get you anywhere. Stephen's nefarious intentions were futile, and he lost both the house and his adoring mother.
  • Kindness begets kindness. Maria helped Mrs. Williams when everyone ignored her, and the older woman decided to move in with her to alleviate her loneliness.

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