Old Lady Is Taken from Nursing Home by Man She Hasn’t Seen for 56 Years – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 19, 2022
09:00 P.M.
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A woman is placed in a nursing home by her son after her daughter-in-law accuses her of harming her grandchildren. But one day, she is rescued by a mysterious man.


Catherine Wilson thought she had left her past behind her. She never thought of it if she could help it, and she never told a single soul about it. As far as the world knew, Catherine had been born fully formed at age eighteen.

She'd been a successful model back in the sixties, then married a wealthy older man with whom she shared her only child, Albert. When her husband passed away, Catherine had poured her heart into her son, and she believed he was equally devoted to her. She was wrong.

Catherine was devastated when her beloved only son placed her in a nursing home. | Source:


Albert married a woman Catherine didn't particularly like, but for her son's sake, she was civil to her. After a few years of marriage, Albert announced that he and his wife Maureen were expecting their first child.

Catherine was delighted, but her son had a request: "Mom. I wanted to ask you... This is a big deal, I know, but would you consider selling your house so Maureen and I could buy our own home?

"We wanted a house with a garden, with a little cottage in the garden for you -- and we've found the perfect place! You're going to love it!"

"But Al," Catherine protested. "I don't want to give up my own house! The new house would be yours... I'd have nothing..."


Catherine's son told her she was going to be a grandmother. | Source: Unsplash

"Mom," cried Albert, shocked. "You know I'll ALWAYS take care of you! I promise you, I'll be there for you always. You'll be close to us and help us raise the children. It will be perfect."


But of course, it wasn't. Maureen didn't like Catherine anymore than Catherine liked Maureen and the two women frequently argued, especially over the couple's two children.

At the end of the day, all that matters is family.

Catherine spoiled them and Maureen protested. "This is MY house!" screamed Maureen. "You do what I say!"

"YOUR house?" Catherine screamed back. "Whose money PAID for this house? MINE!" Things deteriorated quickly from then on, and Maureen started complaining to Albert about Catherine.

Catherine sold her house to buy her son a home. | Source: Unsplash


Maureen told Albert that Catherine had been feeding their oldest son Mark peanuts to which he was allergic. Albert confronted his mother: "Mom, you are placing Mark's life in danger!"

"But I didn't give him peanuts!" cried Catherine. "I'd never do that!"

But Albert, even if he did believe her, felt his best bet was to side with his wife, the mother of his children. "I'm putting you in a home, mom," Albert said. "This has gone far enough."

"A home?" gasped Catherine. "But when I sold my house and gave you the money you promised..." Albert was ashamed and looked away, but he went ahead with his plan, and two weeks later, Catherine was in a nursing home.


Maureen accused Catherine of placing her children in danger. | Source: Unsplash

Catherine fell into a deep depression. She'd placed her life in her son's hands, believed his promise -- now he'd discarded her, and at 74, she had nothing and no one. The staff at the nursing home did their best, but nothing got Catherine out of her depression.


Then one day, one of the nurses came to Catherine. "Mrs. Wilson, there's someone here for you -- to fetch you."

Catherine raised her head. "Albert?" she asked hopefully. "My son?"

The nurse shook her head. "No, a gentleman. A Mr. Torrance?"

Catherine was shocked when her son placed her in a nursing home. | Source: Unsplash


"Torrance?" whispered Catherine. "But..." Before she could say another word, a tall, handsome man in his sixties walked in. 

"Cathy?" he asked. "Cathy, it's Jack."

"Jack?" gasped Catherine, and the past came rushing back. Suddenly she was 18 again, standing in the hallway of an orphanage, and in front of her was an eight-year-old boy, his face awash in tears.

"You'll come back, won't you Cathy?" he sobbed. "You promise?"

A handsome, older man came to fetch Catherine. | Source: Pexels


"Yes," Catherine had promised, hugging her baby brother. "As soon as I have a job and a place to stay, I'm coming to get you!" But she never did. Just months later, she'd been 'discovered' and her modeling career took off.

She'd been caught up in a while of glamour and parties and flying to Paris and Milan and New York. Jack had faded to the back of her mind -- an obligation she chose to bury.

Now, 55 years later, Jack was there, standing in front of her. "Oh, Jack, I'm sorry... I let you down..." she sobbed. "But believe me, I've had my punishment... I'm so alone, my son abandoned me..."

"I know," Jack said quietly.


Catherine remembered the little brother she'd abandoned. | Source: Unsplash

"How do you know?" gasped Catherine.

"I tracked you down thirty years ago, Cathy," Jack explained. "I have to admit I was angry! You were living a good life and I'd been through so much... But when I discovered you were alone, I had to help.


"I'm doing well Cathy, and I want you to come live with me. I have four children and seven grandchildren and they all want to meet you!"

It was like a dream! Suddenly Catherine found herself in the middle of a family reunion, surrounded by Jack's children and grandchildren, and she was the guest of honor!

Catherine became part of Jack's big family. | Source: Unsplash


Then Catherine spotted Jack's older sons arguing, and saw one of them push the other. "Stop!" she cried and ran to them. She stood between them and placed a hand on the chest of each man.

"You are BROTHERS!" she cried. "It took me 55 years to realize how strong that bond is, and those were 55 wasted years, 55 years I didn't have my brother in my life. Don't make that mistake!"

Jack came over and put his arms around Catherine and his sons. "It's okay, Cathy, the boys will sort it out. And now we're together, and we will never be apart again."

What can we learn from this family?

  • Don't let your loved ones down, because at the end of the day, all that matters is family. Catherine discovered years later that her only support was the brother she'd abandoned.,
  • Forgiveness heals us and wipes away the pain. Jack forgave Catherine and it enabled him to become a better and happier man.

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