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Old Man Stumbles upon a Childhood Photo with His Friends and Decides to Find Them – Story of the Day

Monica Otayza
Apr 19, 2022
07:00 A.M.
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An old man looked through an old book with his grandson, only to find a piece of his past he wanted to revisit. Upon seeing a childhood photo with his friends, he decides to find them and it becomes a journey of both jubilation and heartbreak. 


David loved his grandson Philip dearly. The boy reminded him of himself from an early age. He was very inquisitive, loved to read, and enjoyed outdoor adventures. He wasn't like other kids who spent the entire day using their gadgets. 

When David was a child, he enjoyed being outdoors as much as staying in. He'd stay inside his room whenever it was gloomy, re-reading "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." It was his favorite book. 

Philip's parents would take him to David's place on the weekends. They enjoyed each other's company and had a lot of fun together, exploring the backyard and hiking in the nearby nature park. 


David finds his favorite childhood book, only to discover another piece of his childhood inserted inside. | Source: Shutterstock

However, one weekend, Philip felt ill and had to stay in bed. David made sure to keep his grandson entertained by finding a book they could enjoy together. He came across his old copy of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."


Before handing it to Philip, he decided to leaf through it and look back at the story that made his childhood exciting. However, while browsing through, he didn't expect to see another piece of his youth, this time in the form of a photograph of him and his old friends. 

They were four in the picture – David, Steve, Dorothy, and Teresa. They were neighbors when they were younger, and they'd often go to the beach together and play there, no matter the weather. In the photo, the four of them were playing in the sand. 

David suddenly felt nostalgic after being hit by a sudden wave of memories. "I had such a great childhood," he smiled to himself. He suddenly wondered about the people in the photograph, curious where life took them. 


David and Philip enjoyed going on adventures together. | Source: Pexels

"Where could they be?" David thought to himself. "I wonder if their appearance changed drastically over the years." 


Philip noticed that his grandfather was busy with something, catching him in the reflection of the dresser near the bed. "What happened, grandpa?" he asked him. 

David smiled, excitedly taking the book and the photo to Philip. "Look, Philip. This is an old photo of my friends and me!" he said, handing it to his grandson. "I wish I could meet them again."

Philip snorted, laughing at his grandfather. "We wouldn't have to hire a private investigator to find them now, grandpa. We live in the 21st century!" he said. 

"What do you mean?" David asked, confused. 


"Well, with technology, all I need is their names. We can look for them on Facebook," Philip suggested. 

Philip helped David navigate through technology. | Source: Pexels


Confused with the new terms Philip was using, David nonetheless agreed. "Okay then, Philip. Lead the way. Can you help me find them?" he asked excitedly. 

Through Philip's rarely-used tablet, they searched for David's friends on Facebook. To Philip's surprise, they weren't on the social media platform. 

"Maybe you just can't recognize them because so many years have passed," Philip told his grandfather. David nodded, acknowledging the possibility. 

Philip didn't want his grandfather to be upset, so he helped create a Facebook page for David. There, they posted the photo and shared that David was looking for his friends. 


While the Facebook post was starting to make rounds on the internet, David decided to go to his hometown to find Steve, Dorothy, and Teresa. The city had changed a lot and he found that Dorothy and Steve's houses were no longer there. 

Philip helped David make his own Facebook page. | Source: Pexels


Still hopeful, David decided to visit the last address, which was Teresa's. A young girl opened the door. 

"I'm sorry, young lady. I was just looking for Teresa Green, but I might have gotten the address wrong," he said, slowly turning back from the door. Suddenly, the girl shouted, "Grandma, you have a visitor!" 

With his back already facing the door, David's eyes widened. He couldn't believe that he had managed to find one of his friends. He turned around.

"Teresa, is it really you? Do you recognize me?" David asked as soon as Teresa was in sight. The old woman squealed as if she was young again. 


"David Smith! My goodness, how long has it been?" she said, walking towards him for a hug. They chatted for a long time over a pot of tea, where they caught up about their lives.

Teresa revealed that when David moved away for college and never returned, they couldn't get in touch with him any longer. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Steve got married after college and moved to a nearby town. 

Teresa and David decided to find them. As if they were teenagers again, they drove to the nearby town where Dorothy and Steve lived and found the address where Teresa used to send letters. 

David was able to find his friend Teresa. | Source: Pexels


An elderly woman opened the door, and while it was hard to distinguish her, they knew it was Dorothy. She was glad to see her old friends but suddenly grew sad after Teresa and David asked about Steve. 

"Come on, let's go visit Steve," she said silently, taking her coat from the hanger. Instead of taking David's car, Dorothy hailed a cab, taking them to the cemetery, and Teresa and David understood that Steve had passed away. That was why Dorothy was in all black, David realized. 

When they got to Steve's grave, Dorothy spoke. "Steve died just a few weeks ago. I wish you could have seen him again before his passing," she revealed. "We lived a happy life, but we never had children. He suffered a heart attack, and I've felt so lonely since he left me."  


After decades, the four friends were finally reunited, but not at full strength. Their reunion turned out to be sad after finding out that Steve had passed on. However, they vowed never to lose touch again, so they kept in contact through Facebook and visited each other as often as they could.  

What can we learn from this story?

  • It's never too late to look back at the past if you want to. Although David was in his older years, he found the strength to find his childhood friends and reconnect with them after losing touch for so many years. It's always good to reconnect with people important to us, no matter how long it's been since we've last seen or spoken to them.
  • True friendship is worth cherishing for a lifetime. David's childhood was spent with Steve, Dorothy, and Teresa. They had many memories together, but it was challenging to keep in touch because there was no technology yet. Now, with the help of his grandson, he can stay in contact, even though they live in different places. 

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