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Boy Goes to Visit His Dad & Disappears, Mom Gets a Message from Him 4 Years Later

Lois Oladejo
Apr 25, 2022
04:20 A.M.
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A young boy went missing for four years following a visit to his father's house. However, authorities were able to solve the case after he reached out to his mom. 


2010 was the last time an immigrant mom in America saw her son after sending him off to visit his father on the other side of town. For the next few years, the devastated mom searched tirelessly for her son, to no avail.

However, the puzzle pieces came together after four years when the police were alerted to the case of a missing boy. The sordid story unearthed was almost unbelievable. 

[Left] The immigrant mom reuniting with her son after 4 years; Mother and son share an emotional hug. | Source: Evening News



The mom who had wanted a seamless co-parenting with her former partner sent her son to visit at his father's house. However, she lost communication and was unable to reach him.

It became the case of a missing minor after the unnamed mom could not reach her son for days. Because she wasn't an American citizen, the mom did not know she had to inform the police.

Instead, she informed the child protective service, but little was done. The police would later be involved after some time, but it is unclear who told the authorities. 

The boy's father, Gregory Jean | Source: youtube.cpm/CBS Evening News



The Clayton County police department immediately got to work as they searched the home of the boy's father, Gregory Jean. After a thorough investigation, the police did not find anything amiss.

The next-door neighbors were questioned, but nothing was forthcoming. However, the following day was more promising as an unknown call came through to the mom.

The teen boy crying. | Source: Evening News


She discovered it was her son speaking on the phone, and from there, everything unraveled. The mom wasted no time informing the police that her son contacted her over a cellphone that he found.

So, they swung into action as they visited his father's house a second time. Another thorough search was conducted until the young boy was found behind a false wall. 

The boy's step mother. Samantha Davis. | Source: Evening News



It turned out that after the youngster visited his dad, the man refused to let him return home to his mother. Along with his wife, Samantha Davis, Jean subjected him to cruel child labor and kept him hidden.

A neighbor shared that they often saw the boy doing yard work or fixing the house's roof. The neighbor noted that Jean and Davis were always close by when the boy did all the hard labor. 

Davis was also said to have had so much hatred towards the young boy that she meted ill-treatment on him. After authorities took him out of their clutches, 37-year-old Jean and Davis, 42, were arrested alongside two juveniles. 



While the boy in the previous story was held against his wishes, the case was different for the subject of another story.

In 2018, a Florida family took to Facebook informing well-wishers that their missing daughter had contacted them. This came five years after the young girl, Emily Wynell Paul, went missing. 


The family shared that Emily went missing in April 2013 when she was 14 and only reached out to them after turning 19. The family revealed a letter believed to have been from the missing girl. 

Emily Wynell Paul at 14 when she got missing. | Source: Edition


Emily's mom Pan Massimiani addressed her Facebook message to friends and extended family, noting that they had heard from Emily. She refused to share details of the letter the family found but was sure it was from Emily. 

It was gathered that Emily told her family that she would contact them when she turned 18. Officers also purported that the young girl could have masterminded her own disappearance.

Emily's aunt, Melissa Parker. | Source: Edition



Emily was believed to have searched online for how to be a runaway successfully. However, speaking to Inside Edition, Emily's aunt Melissa Parker shared that they never gave up hope during the search.

She also stated that Emily was alive and that it was "the best thing that could have possibly happened." Police Captain Jason Daffin got wind of the development and stepped in.

He sent out a public message asking Emily to show up physically, so it could be confirmed that the letter was authentic and not written under duress. 

Emily would later walk into a local police station and ask to speak to a detective. This confirmed that she was well and alive, but the quizzical part was that she did not want to be reunited with her family.

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